“The world is now at the time when the bloodiest period of war and betrayal lies at the doorsteps of the Christian faith. As the new world church and the New World Order ‘emerge,’ there is considerable effort being espoused by religious megastars to embrace one world faith based on agreements that we all serve the same god. This is total rebellion and heresy against the faith of the apostles and the prophets and the revealed will of the Living God.”

So begins the near prophetic foreword written by Steve Quayle to the book Blood on the Altar.

When viewed against the backdrop of the Catholic pope’s visit to the United States where his addresses to congress and the United Nations will likely spur headlines steeped in heterodoxy, the veil of biblical prophecy seems to be lifting by the minute. As Christians are being martyred for their faith, few would deny that there is an overt, obvious war being waged against Christians and Christianity across the world. Yet there is something more going on– much more, although seemingly noticeable only to the most discerning within the body of believers. Few are speaking of it, and ever fewer still are speaking against it.

Active behind the headlines are the machinations of an insidious hierarchy of pseudo-Christian leaders busily transforming the one true Gospel into a more palatable and socially acceptable form of religious doctrine. It’s an all-inclusive, one-size-fits-all “stairway to heaven” that appeals to the masses, for it conforms to the perverse and politically-correct population that worships at the altar of carnality rather than at the sanctuary of salvation. It is this perversion of the true Gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ that is deliberately diluting the doctrine of our eternal salvation under the pretext of inclusion and tolerance.

We are witnessing the ultimate form of war and betrayal, for it exists as a Trojan horse already resident within the pulpits and sanctuaries, deep inside the walls of the church. Its payload is already being delivered to the unsuspecting and undiscerning, and will ultimately pit brother against brother, father against son, and neighbor against neighbor.

One side gleefully embraces a doctrine of heresy that conforms to the carnal, while the other holds fast to the uncorrupted Word of the Living God. The chasm is deepening. The battle will rage and the payload of a corrupted doctrine of salvation will cause more casualties from those within the church than by the scimitar of Islam. At stake is our eternal salvation, the ultimate prize of the globalist echelons of the Luciferian elite.

We must make no mistake that our eternal salvation is contingent on our uncompromising acceptance of the true and unadulterated Gospel, not the doctrine of inclusion being pushed by the mega-church and populist Christian leaders of all stripes who serve the globalist agenda of a world united under a one world religion.

True Christians must never be accepting of a one-world religion, nor must we be deceived into believing that the God of Christianity is the same god of Islam. As disciples of Jesus, must not acquiesce to a system of tolerance for the sake of acceptance and inclusion, as tolerance of evil becomes evil itself. We must adhere to sound doctrine, the undiluted Word of God without exception or apology, even in the face of estrangement and betrayal.

As the war against Christians becomes even more aggressive, so too will be the war by pseudo-Christians who have sold their souls for a seat at the globalist table. The true believers will be mocked and ridiculed, prosecuted and persecuted, vilified and banished by their very own “brethren.” We should expect nothing less, and prepare for much more.

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