Friday, July 10, 2015: Today, we are witnessing the results of decades of Communism infiltrating every branch of government and supporting mechanism within the United States. This was and continues to be done intentionally for the purpose of subjugating America and every citizen therein to a system of global tyranny.

Perhaps you are tired of hearing about the “conspiracy” of a New World Order, or perhaps you’ve long believed that the plan, if there was or is any such plan, has been overstated and hyped. With the events you are seeing today such as the increasing lawlessness of the government, judicial tyranny, and criminal collusion between political parties to such an overt extent, it is becoming more difficult to deny.

With the entirety of the federal government and most states accepting the recent Supreme Court opinion on homosexual marriage as law, the expulsion of God from our national fabric, the systematic and incremental secularization of our government, workplace, schools and media, there will be consequences. There must be consequences. Even for those who think only in secular terms, history is replete with examples of the fate of nations that have removed morality and God from their societies.

True Christians know that God will not be mocked. For the actions of our government, the hand of God’s protection will be – or has been removed from over our nation.

Join us tonight as we discuss the specific events that have brought us to this point in our history, and the consequences we might expect.

Nathan Leal is our guest.


As heard on The Hagmann Report