This election is the most important of our time.  We are on the verge of allowing the most corrupt politician and global crime family with Hillary Clinton.  We should know by tonight what the fate of our nation holds.

Here’s what to watch for as the election unfolds.

What do the exit polls show?

The first batch of voter data will come after 5 p.m., when the major networks will release early exit polls.

While the polls have limitations, they provide an early look at the demographics of the electorate.

Clinton has performed best among women, the college educated, minorities and young voters, so her campaign will be hoping for strong numbers among those groups. Trump, meanwhile, is strongest with men, white voters and older voters.

Election analysts will be focused most intently on Hispanic turnout in states like Arizona, Nevada and Florida. Democrats have talked up the early-vote totals among the group, arguing they point to a “surge” among that demographic that could doom Trump.

But Democrats have also long worried about turnout among African-Americans and young voters, particularly in states like Ohio and North Carolina, and have leaned on President Obama to try to energize them.

Still, exit polls should be viewed with a healthy amount of skepticism. They are often wrong and could miss out on voting surges in the final hours.

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