As Americans begun celebrating the holiday season, almost 300,000 French people took to the streets to protest a massive fuel tax hike proposed by President Emmanuel Macron to fight climate change. The protests turned violent Saturday as the now-rioters began digging up the streets of Paris and trying to construct barricades as police fought back with tear gas and water cannons. Despite this ongoing battle, ABC News had not reported one word about it on air. Not even on Saturday’s World News Tonight.

During Saturday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Jose Diaz-Balart covered the unfolding Paris riots in a news brief:

This was a violent day in the heart of Paris as about 5,000 demonstrators converged on the Champs-Elysees. The protest was sparked by a plan to raise gas prices and the rising costs of living in France. Protesters lit fires, set up barricades. The police responded with tear gas and water cannons. 18 people were arrested. At least 19 were reported injured.

While there was no Saturday edition of CBS Evening News as it was bumped by college football, they did dedicate time to it on their streaming news service, CBSN. Combined with their partners at the BBC, anchor Reena Ninan noted the protests had grown from just being about the fuel tax to being against Macron’s entire government.