For the last couple of years, I’ve been a poll worker for each election. Although I’m a Christian and love not only Jesus but this nation, after this past election, I must confess to a fall from grace – I was so disheartened that I went out and got blind drunk. Maybe a Christian shouldn’t admit to such disobedience and discouragement, but it was so bad that for a time I couldn’t get past it because I could see the future clearly, and it was a depressing vision. Beyond that, I knew why the things I’d witnessed were occurring, and I also knew that despite my prayers, the downward spiral only had begun.


What set off this plunge into such despair and sin? After the polls closed, I was assigned to open and record the absentee ballots. I live in a rural county, with good people who love this country and who lead good lives. Yet it’s a Democratic county. That’s not to say all Democrats are evil, but I’d just watched many of those Planned Parenthood exposé videos, where there was clear evidence that children were being killed and that laws were being broken merely so abortionists could garner the most intact specimens of body parts for sale, in order to gain the most profit.

Watching people come into the polls for thirteen hours, I knew that if most of them had seen those videos they’d be appalled, just as I was. I also knew that they’d never vote for anyone who would sanction such horrendous evil and inhumanity. Yet in this election there were a number of judicial seats open, so at lunchtime I rushed home, and within five minutes I’d found statements by all of the candidates as to whether they agreed that this should be stopped, or whether, in the politically correct view of the day, they found nothing wrong with the practices gleefully discussed in those videos. When I went back, I voted accordingly. Not surprisingly, all of those who sanctioned Planned Parenthood and their methods were Democrats. I voted Republican for all of the judicial candidates – not because of their party affiliation, but because of their statements on the morality of what had been exposed.

I have no way of knowing how any individual who came to the polls that day voted. But when I opened the absentee ballots, I found that nearly everyone who voted with absentee ballots had voted straight party – and that meant that although there were a couple of people voting for candidates who stood against what Planned Parenthood was doing because they voted straight Republican, far more voted for judicial candidates who supported Planned Parenthood. I’m certain they had no idea what their votes really meant, because as I said, most are good people – farmers, retirees, laborers, etc. They merely voted their party – the party of their parents, which they’d been taught to loyally support. But it’s no longer the party they were raised to trust and believe in, though they haven’t seen that because they aren’t paying attention.

I can’t condemn them for that, in one sense. We all are raised with a certain worldview and we tend to follow that unless something comes along to shake us out of our complacence. Yet for most people that disturbance never occurs, so we go along as we always have, thinking that what we’ve been taught is right and that our roots are strong enough to ensure the continuation of all we’ve known or believed in.

But if that ever was true, it isn’t so any longer, not in today’s world. Evil has grown ubiquitous; it’s everywhere, and it’s intruding on all that once made us feel secure. To overcome it takes strength, courage, and a willingness to step outside of our training in order to dig deeper, to see what’s really going on around us and to investigate. If we don’t do that, what we’re doing is falling into the trap described by Edmund Burke; “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” But all of that takes commitment.

The other thing it takes is a real, prayerful, obedient faith and a willingness to put that above everything else we might desire in this life. And even with all of that, it still takes work. Maybe not a lot of work, but some. Other than the electoral process I’ve mentioned, what else does this entail? Well, for instance, it takes action in situations like this: the Obama administration is committed to bringing thousands of Muslims into this country and settling these refugees here amongst us. Yet all of the polls indicate that a large number of ‘moderate’ Muslims are in favor of jihad and find it either acceptable or necessary, even if they aren’t willing to take part in it. That goes against everything that America, with its Judeo-Christian values, stands for.


The truth is, Islam doesn’t allow for ‘moderate’ Muslims. That fiction is a media creation. But are most people willing to speak out about this even if they understand it? No. Their fear of being thought racist or uncaring keeps them silent, even when they claim to be Christians or patriotic Americans. The fear of being politically incorrect is greater than the fear of losing the freedoms or the quality of life passed down to us by our forefathers. Most have fallen prey to a liberal media and to an educational system that keeps them in the dark, and that seeks to shape their understanding and values. When complacency is added to those things, the belief that life will continue as it always has, and that this country can’t fall prey to the chaos and despotism of other countries, results in what I saw with those absentee ballots.

But what’s even more discouraging is that we had an almost record turn-out for an off-year election, and that meant just over 30% of the registered voters showed up. That alone says something about the apathy that has overtaken good people in this nation. There are many people here who haven’t even bothered to register but of those who did, less than a third actually voted. If it took me 5 minutes to learn where the candidates stood on something as basic as dismembering babies and selling their parts, it wouldn’t have taken any of them much longer, and these judges will rule on policies and effectively make laws for years to come in this state.



As heard on The Hagmann Report
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