Most votes for a President ever? Admittedly this is anecdotal evidence, or is it? Look at the downvotes versus the upvotes. Also, comments disabled.

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For Team Biden the situation is so dire that YouTube has even begun removing dislikes from the account.

  • Biden’s “The Work Begins” video has 2,400 likes and 10,000 dislikes;
  • The “President Biden and Vice President Harris Participate in a Wreath Laying Ceremony” video has 1,600 likes and 11,000 dislikes;
  • The “President Biden Signs Executive Orders and Other Presidential Actions” video has 3,200 likes and 13,000 dislikes;
  • The video “President Biden Swears In Day One Presidential Appointees in a Virtual Ceremony” has 3,300 likes and 13,000 dislikes.

What’s more, the first press briefing has over three times as many likes as dislikes.

The divide is especially startling given it is occurring on YouTube – a video platform which is hardly the home of right-wingers given its routine banning and censoring of conservativecontent.

As heard on The Hagmann Report