New SVR Report reveals that Deep State Gun Runner was tied to Silk Way Airlines:


At the same time the CIA continues its “narrative fixing” meme about the Las Vegasmassacre, this report continues, CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock’s Filipino girlfriend, named Marilou Danley, provided pro-Trump forces with vital intelligence about Paddock’s arms deliveries to ISIS terrorists in the Philippines—after which Danley was placed on the US “no fly” list preventing her from leaving America—and that enabled the Philippines military to defeat the remains of ISISin the war-torn city of Marawi after their troops took out two leading members of the jihadi network.

To the truest understanding of CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock’s arms deals with ISIS terrorists in the Philippines, as it relates to the Las Vegas massacre, this report explains, began in July, 2017, when former Obama regime “holdover officials” embedded within President Trump’s Department of Transportation shockingly granted US air rights to Silk Way Airlines.

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Silk Way Airlines, this report explains, is an Azerbaijani state-run cargo airline that was exposed this past February (2017) as being a major carrier for “arms-to-terrorists” that it hid in diplomatic cargo—and whom investigative reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva documented the CIA was a major “customer” of—and that after making these revelations, was interrogated, tortured and then fired from her job for linking the CIA to Syrian terrorists.

What Do Stephen Paddock, The Las Vegas Massacre, Silk Way Airlines and Gun Running Have in Common?

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