In America and throughout the Western world, events that are changing the geopolitical landscape are happening at a pace like no other time in modern history. Given the frenzied pace of ever-changing headlines and dire reports, it cannot be clearer that we’re out of time. The prophetic warnings of the past are unfolding before us.

One of the pioneers in the talk radio venue who has been sounding the alarm for nearly three decades, using biblical prophecy as the key to understanding the context of geopolitical events is Steve Quayle. He will be providing a detailed overview of current events as they relate to scripture and biblical prophecy.

An important aspect of the events we are watching unfold is the establishment of the frequently cited New World Order. But is it really new, or is it an extension of the “old world order” that had its roots in Babylon? How do the events described in the book of Genesis relate to what exists on our event horizon?

Tune in to the Hagmann & Hagmann tonight for a fast-paced show as we welcome Steve Quayle (from 8:00-10:00 PM ET) as he details what might exist just over the event horizon based on his extensive research.

truelegendsGuest: Steve Quayle (Hours 2-3)

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Douglas J. Hagmann
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