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Weaponized Government Surveillance & Citizen Prosecution Will Not End Well – We Will Be Taking It All Back | The Hagmann Report | 11/21/2022

“Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” - John Parker

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Episode Sources/Clips:

VIDEO 1:  Swiss Cardiologist Dr Thomas Binder

VIDEO 2: “Pegasus” & Phantom spyware – Dan Bongino

Video 3: Rand Paul v. Wray   — VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE (Can’t copy)

VIDEO 4: Father about daughter

VIDEO 5: Biden Laptop

VIDEO 6: Macron advocating for a one world order

Video A: Brazil Rising Up &  BRAZIL REVOLUTION

Video B: Biden Compromised

PAGE 1:  Sunday Talks, Democrat J6 Committee Confirms Intent to Transfer Evidence to Special Counsel During Lame Duck to Begin Republican Targeting Operations

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Previous Episode Sources & Citations

VIDEO 1: This is an investigation of Joe Biden

VIDEO 2:  3 MINUTES showing Joe Biden knew all about his family’s corrupt foreign business dealings

VIDEO 3: Biden Crime Family on Notice

VIDEO 4:  Chuck Schumer calls for amnesty for “all 11 million” ILLEGALS



PAGE 1:  Uniparty Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Busted Taking Zelensky’s FTX Money

PAGE 2: The Washington DC UniParty Surfaces in FTX Crypto Exchange Political Contributions

PAGE 3: Invasion Clauses of the U.S. & Texas Constitutions




VIDEO CLIP 2:  Key Details And Footage Continue To be Omitted From The Paul Pelosi Story, Body And Security Camera Footage Must Be Released

VIDEO 1:  Nigel Farage: The UK Has Fallen Into The Hands Of The WEF After Liz Truss’ Resignation

Video 2. Wake County School Board speaker

VIDEO 3:  Lara Logan: These are the steps to ‘one world government’

PAGE1: Fauci’s calendar

VIDEO 4: Tucker on CDC Vote R/T+3:03 Rumble

VIDEO 5:  BREAKING: CDC 15-0 Vote  SRC=Twitter R/T=2:02

Despite public outcry, and world-renowned experts warning of risks outweighing benefits and their pleas for more long term safety data—the CDC Committee UNANIMOUSLY voted to approve the C-19 mRNA doses to the annual Childhood Vaccination Schedule

Video 6:  They should be ashamed 1:40 R/T YOUTUBE

VIDEO 1:  Jill Biden gets the FJB treatment with a chorus of Booos at the eagles game on 10/16/22.    RUMBLE R/T=27s

VIDEO 2:  Biden Our Economy is Strong as Hell – Enjoy your ice cream  Twitter R/T= 41s

VIDEO 3:  POSOBIEC: The regime is planning to lock Steve Bannon up this Friday.  R/T=3:31 Twitter

VIDEO 4:: Strzok: “What concerns me” is that their might be FBI agents whose political opinions lead them to think 1/6 was just “a riot that got out of control”  TWITTER R/T=2:19

VIDEO 2:  Joe Allen: Biden’s New ARPA-H Risks Threat of Creating New Dangerous Pathogens and Wishes to Create Biosurveillance System  (RUMBLE/BANNON R/T=4:50)

PAGE 1: Europe suffers horrifying 755% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA approved COVID Vaccine for Kids

Video 3: MAGA Republicans plan to “essentially, destroy the United States of America”   Keisha Bottoms (Twitter) R/T=2:18

PAGE 1:  Bill Gates says political polarization ‘may bring it all to an end’ and could even lead to a civil war

VIDEO 5:  Diana West: ‘We Don’t Know Who is in Charge of this Country, but it’s Certainly Not Biden’

VIDEO 6: Biden: “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”


PAGE 2:  Conservative Nationalist Giorgia Meloni Wins Big in Italian Election, Certain to Become First Female Prime Minister. (Source: CTH)

VIDEO 2: Ukraine:  National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan proudly boasted of the $15 billion in weapons the U.S. has shipped into Ukraine

VIDEO 3: Ukraine:  Russian Federation – Minister for Foreign Affairs Addresses UN General Debate  Sergei Lavrov (English) Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation addresses the general debate of the 77th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 20 – 26th September 2022).


FACEBOOK PAGE WITH VIDEO 4: America’s Mom Sherronna Bishop


VIDEO 5:  Tom Fitton appeared on “Eric Bolling the Balance” on @Newsmax TV to discuss President Biden stating Hunter has not caused any conflict with his business dealings (RUMBLE R/T=3:33)

VIDEO 6:  Hillary Compares Trump to Hitler (Rumble) R/T= 1:32

PAGE 3:  FBI raids home of Catholic pro-life speaker, author with guns drawn as his terrified kids watch

VIDEO 7: The Hagmann Report : Coming This Fall: Economic Crash & War? Surprising Historical Indicators Known to Only a Few – August 25, 2022

Segment 1:  26:22-27:25 (Dow to close at 29,500 on September 23, 2022)

Segment 2: 30:45-31:52 (Stock Market to lose 40-60% – 15K bottom?)

PAGE A:  Dow drops nearly 500 points to close at new low for 2022 on rising recession fears

VIDEO 8Protests, Objections Disrupt Final Count Of Electoral Votes – Trump Declared President (YouTube)

VIDEO. 912 Minutes of Democrats Denying Election Results (YouTube)

Segment 1: 3:14- 4:04   (2000)

Segment 2:  5:40-6:54 (2004 – Machines, fraud)

Segment 3: 9:35-11:10 (2018 State – FL, GA)

Segment 4: 0:00-1:30. (2016 – President Trump)


PAGE 1: TRUMP CHARGED IN NY $250 Million Lawsuit

VIDEO 1: Edward Dowd Shares Data Findings By Team Showing Harmful Effects Of COVID Jabs

VIDEO 2:  Naomi Wolf On Dangers Of Vaccine And Emergency Orders Being Left In Place To Manipulate Midterms

PAGE 2:  ‘Highly suspect’: DARPA tried to hire executive at Wuhan lab funder as COVID emerged, he says

PAGE W/VIDEO: Gateway Pundit Stewart Rhodes (video/audio).

VIDEO 3:  John Solomon: The FBI’s Own Committee of Special Agents Had Complaints of FBI’s Politicization Redacted in Report

VIDEO 4:  Bongino 9/20



PAGE 1:  Humanity 2.0 Is Coming — You Ignore Steve Bannon’s Warning At Your Own Peril  – JOE ALEN

PAGE 2:  Exploring Biodigital Convergence. February 11, 2020. REFERENCED ABOVE

PAGE 3:  White House Introduces the Joe Biden “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency”

VIDEO 1:  World Government Summit: Pippa Malmgren on Digital Currencies  –  DIGITAL CURRENCY

VIDEO 2:  Joe Allen: Director of Biden Created ARPA-H Intends to Edit Human Genomes at New Agency

VIDEO 3:  WarRoom Dissects the Invasion of Technocratic Ideas in American Government


PAGE 1Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy

PAGE 2: Fact Sheet: HHS Takes Action on Executive Order Launching a National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative

PAGE 3: AN ASIDE: USDA approves genetically modified purple tomatoes

VIDEO 1Yuval Noah Harari | “We Are One of the Last Generations of Homo Sapiens.”

VIDEO 2Joe Allen Discusses Biden’s Executive Order for Additional Funding for Transhumanist Experiments

VIDEO 3: The Impending Globalist Plan Revealed

VIDEO 4World Government Summit: Pippa Malmgren on Digital Currencies  –  DIGITAL CURRENCY



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Previous (Rotating) Episode Links/Sources

CLIP A:  “They’re still going to have to put a bullet in Donald Trump”

CLIP 1:  Jeff O’Donnell: Mesa County is the Rosetta Stone of Election Machine Rigging

CLIP 2:  Lib Loses His Mind Over Trump’s “Special Master” Win

VIDEO:  CHILLING – Karine Jean-Pierre says that people who voted for Donald Trump are “a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”  TWITTER – INCLUDE TEXT

VIDEO 2:  Joe Biden declares war on Americans: You are the problem.    9:30-15:10

PAGE:  DHS wants to continue its “disinformation” work, flag “falsehoods” to social media platforms

PAGE (OR PDF): Disinformation Best Practices and Safeguards Subcommittee; Final Report August 24, 2022

PAGE: Appendix 2/CISA

PAGE:  Biden White House Colluded With Big Tech To Censor COVID Info, Emails Prove  – Natalie Winters National Pulse

Segment 1: From Obama to O’Biden – Some Familiar Faces Are Here to Destroy Us | Doug Hagmann Opening Segment | The Hagmann Report (8/31/2022)

VIDEO A: Right Wing MAGA terrorism (Twitter – MSNBC)

VIDEO B: SETTING THE STAGE: BIDEN: “You hear some of my friends on the other team talking about political violence and how it’s necessary.”  (Twitter)

VIDEO C: SETTING THE STAGE:  BIDEN: You need something more than a gun.”  (TWITTER)

VIDEO D:  FLASHBACK: Loretta Lynch calls for blood and death in the streets fighting against Trump

VIDEO 1:  A Nightmare Scenario If Trump Gets A Second Term: The Atlantic    MORNING JOE 8/31/2022

SEGMENT 1: 0:00-2:20

SEGMENT 2: 5:35-7:10

PAGE 1:  Obama-Era ‘Sisters’ Circle Trump   – Remember the names

VIDEO 2: Source:  The FBI Strikes Again! (Ep. 1841) – The Dan Bongino Show

SEGMENT 1:  0:14-1:21

SEGMENT 2: 1:33-2:06

SEGMENT 3:  3:53-5:58

SEGMENT 4:  6:06-8:29

SEGMENT 5: 9:03-9:39

SEGMENT 6: 12:06-14:30

SEGMENT 7:  15:05-20:18

PAGE 2:  Utah FBI employee arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of child sex abuse

Segment 2:

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