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We make the mystery of the paradox more understandable when we reconsider these fascinating facts. God, who is perfect in all His ways, created humankind perfectly, actually making us in His own image. Once again, we realize that He gifted us with a powerful imagination so that whatever we could imagine, we could eventually do. However, when we began to use that imagination in building a tower that would reach into Heaven, God was displeased and stopped the project by confounding the language of the builders, then scattering them abroad. We again consider the question: If a perfect God created a perfect person, why did God act in such a seemingly harsh manner when the creature used God-given talent as recounted in the story of Babel?

The answer, of course, is that God also created us with free moral will. The creature wasn’t made a robot, but was made with brilliant conceptual abilities and given freedom of choice—which includes discernment for choosing wisely. But Adam chose to disobey God, so sin entered the world. The human bloodstream became instantly contaminated by the infection. The minds of the people, including their imaginations, became dark in the mystery of iniquity that engulfed them.

The paradox understood, the question is now answerable: What is wrong with people coming together in a united effort to construct a one-world order to achieve peace, prosperity, and love for all mankind? The answer is that we are spiritually separated from the Creator because of original sin. Our thinking is therefore fatally flawed. Nothing good can come from thinking and planning that excludes God.

Had God allowed the globalists of Nimrod’s day to continue their tower project, He would have had to ultimately curse the earth again as He did when Adam disobeyed, or He would have had to destroy all living things upon the earth as He did because of the corruption that required cleansing by the great Flood of Noah’s day. God wasn’t acting harshly at Babel, nor was He acting contrary to His perfect character. Rather, He was displaying unfathomable love by keeping His promises to the tiny fallen creature who deserved judgment and for whom He would one day sacrifice His only begotten Son.

The World-Order Schemers

Children of the tower of Babel builders today carry on the globalist agenda despite the differences in language and geographical separation. They circumvent the barriers through use of technologies designed to serve their one-world purposes.

The obsessive drive toward bringing all men, women, and children into one-world configuration arose shortly after the time Jesus Christ walked the earth. It is perhaps indicative of our sordid day that since the time He walked the earth in the flesh, this era has been called “AD,” an abbreviation of the Latin anno domini, “the year of the Lord,” but now we are to acknowledge that we live in the period of human history called the “Common Era,” or CE. The revisionists, you see, demand that all vestiges of Jesus Christ be erased—even from our lexicon. There must be many ways for the people of the coming New World Order to come to God, if indeed there is a God.

Jesus Christ, who said He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that no one can come to the Father but by Him (see John 14:6) simply doesn’t fit the globalist mold. Thinkers who formed that mold wanted there to be no doubt that people, through intellect, can do whatever they imagine. They can build a perfect world without input from any deity who might or might not be out there somewhere. This arrogant attitude of self-sufficiency is summed up in the document titled “The Declaration of Interdependence,” released by the United Nations’ World Affairs Council on January 30, 1976. It reads in part:

Two centuries ago, our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order. To establish a new world order…it is essential that mankind free itself from limitations of national prejudice…. We affirm that the economy of all nations is a seamless web, and that no nation can any longer effectively maintain its processes for production and monetary systems without recognizing the necessity of collaborative regulation by international authorities. We call upon all nations to strengthen the United Nations and other institutions of world order.

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