“Make no mistake: I don’t want it and I am certainly not promoting it, but there comes a time when we must take a stand, and that time is NOW.”  -Doug Hagmann

Last February, I was told that my assessment of the upcoming summer months was “bullsh**.” That same person told me that no mayor or other local or state leader would purposely let their city or state burn, allow death and destruction to reign supreme. I was admonished for “peddling fear porn.”

About three months ago, I received a communication from an individual accusing me of “hyperbole” regarding the trajectory I believed the path of the country was taking. I was accused of frightening people by saying “there will be blood in the streets” as a result of the Leftist desire to create chaos, confusion, and destruction.

I have yet to receive an apology from either individual. Then again, I don’t expect or want one.

Look at the streets of any Leftist controlled city and take note of what is happening. It is going to get worse. Much worse. You will NOT be able to sit this war out. You must choose a side – one of righteousness, including righteous anger and action, or one of subjugation.

I can tell which side you’re on. If I see you walking down an open and uncrowded street wearing a facemask, that tells me you’ll probably get on your knees (instead of saying no and hell no) when demanded to do so by BLM/Antifa terrorists.

If I learn that you called the county health department to complain about a restaurant whose owners have done everything right, at great expense, to appease the sexually confused science denier Richard Levine (above), the Secretary of the Department of Health for the Commonwealth of PA acting under the unconstitutional orders of a lunatic Leftist Governor Tom Wolf, then you are part of a problem. I know where you stand.

The time for acquiescing to the lunacy we’ve endured for the last several months is over. If it takes war in the streets to restore our nation to one that embraces God, the nuclear family of one man and one woman, the recognition that there are only two genders, a male and female, that the normalization of pedophilia (or Minor Attracted Persons) is wrong, that setting fire to buildings is a criminal act, etc., then so be it. Make no mistake: I don’t want it and I am certainly not promoting it, but there comes a time when we must make a stand.  

If not for us, for the sake of our children and the future of this great nation. It will mean the difference of whether your offspring will cherish your memory for the sacrifices you’ve made for them, or whether they will walk by your grave with embarrassment and disdain. The choice is yours. It is ours. It is up to us to confront a minority of insurgents and put them in their proper place – back in their safe space, where they are free to scream at the sky rather than corrupting the future of our nation.


As heard on The Hagmann Report