Vladimir Bukovsky 1942-2019

Vladimir Bukovsky, the most famous surviving anti-communist Soviet dissident, has passed away. The sad news broke almost simultaneously early Sunday evening ET in a tweet from Diana West and a news release emailed by Elizabeth Childs of the Bukovsky Center. In poor health in recent years, Bukovsky, age 76, had died of cardiac arrest at Addenbrookes Hospital near his home in Cambridge, England on Sunday evening at 9:30 PM local time.

Vladimir Bukovsky had lived in the West since he was exchanged for a Chilean communist in 1976. He had spent a dozen years before his release to freedom locked up in the old Soviet Union in prisons and mental institutions. In 2019, his most substantive work, Judgment in Moscow: Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity, was finally published in English in the United States for the first time by Ninth of November Press.

Also in 2019, despite his poor health, Bukovsky gave interviews to journalist Celia Farber, published in July in The Epoch Times, and to Jay Nordlinger, published in three parts by National Review here, here, and here.

Following the news of Bukovsky’s death, journalist Diana West immediately employed her prolific Twitter account to share her thoughts about Bukovsky in a series of tweets.

The Bukovsky Center Web site, run by volunteers, was also immediately updated with news of Bukovsky’s passing.

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