Item 402, paragraph Q of the 2020 Commonwealth of Virginia Budget Bill allocates $250,000 from the general fund “for the estimated net increase in the operating costs of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment of sentencing legislation as listed below. This amount shall be paid into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund, established pursuant to § 30-19.1:4, Code of Virginia.”

  1. Allow the removal of firearms from persons who pose a substantial risk to themselves or others — $50,000
  2. Prohibit the sale, possession, and transport of assault firearms, trigger activators, and silencers –$50,000
  3. Increase the penalty for allowing a child to access unsecured firearms –$50,000
  4. Prohibit possession of firearms for persons subject to final orders of protection –$50,000
  5. Require background checks for all firearm sales –$50,000

Of note is that § 30-19.1:4 addresses the budget “Increase in terms of imprisonment or commitment; fiscal impact statements; appropriations for operating costs.”

(All Emphasis above by this writer)

The submission of a budget increase specifically designated for costs associated with the incarceration of any person who violates the proposed anti-Second Amendment gun laws being pushed by Governor Northam is indeed troubling. It is also quite low unless one considers other, more likely scenarios and possibilities stemming from this anti-Constitutional weapons-grab.

Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and cities within the Commonwealth of Virginia are on the rise as shown by this map (courtesy of The Virginia Citizens Defense League).

As heard on The Hagmann Report