Wednesday February 15, 2017

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The Islamic lie has infiltrated the fashion world as Yahoo reports that the hijab is the new flavor on New York City runways.  Indonesian Muslim designer, Anniesa Hasibuan is determined to bring the garb of female enslavement into chic couture.  Is it just me, or is it starkly obvious to most Americans that this particular flavor is poisoning the melting pot?

While fashionistas try to figure out how to make bee keeper get-ups appear en vogue, the Pentagon released a video, as reported by The Intercept, that clearly demonstrates that US Armed Forces are retraining away from sand dune warfare to “civil unrest” scenarios in mega cities.  American mega cities.

Gateway Pundit published an excellent piece that blasts Governor “Moon Beam” Jerry Brown, lifelong political hack, for spending $25 billion dollars per year on illegal immigrants, while California’s infrastructure is ignored.

In fact, there is quite a bit of evidence surfacing that demonstrates multiple warnings were delivered to Sacramento by agencies doing their jobs, but necessary preventative repairs were sidelined due to budgetary deficiencies.  Let me get this straight: the illegals have all of the free goodies they can score, while the highest dam in the United States crumbles?  Boy, losing California would be a bummer.

“Psst, hey Moonbeam, your state is more than $50 billion below zero, pal.”


Speaking of economic woes, it looks like the Trump Administration is taking a no nonsense stance on the currency manipulation that emanates from Beijing.  It is worth supplementing this article with the recent X-22 Spotlight Report from friend of the Hagmann Report, Dave from X-22.


What day would be complete without a fresh dose of the completely moronic from the fake stream media?  This is seriously one for the record books.  It seems that the questions that have perplexed Trump supporters since primary season, regarding all of the incidences of unprovoked violence from mini-me Hitler wannabes are due to global warming.  I mean, global climate change.  Or, wait, what are they calling to this week?  

This “hypothesis” smells so foully of fake news that I suffered through the source material and you can do the same, here and here.

You just cannot make this stuff up.  But we are here, at the Hagmann and Hagman Report to help you make sense of the senseless.  Or at least help you maintain your sanity in the full knowledge that you are not the last person on earth who has not completely lost their mind.

Tonight at 7:00pm EST, we kick off Wednesday with thirty minutes of news and analysis with Doug and Joe Hagmann followed at 7:30pm EST with debut guest George Webb.

George Webb is a phenomenal investigator whose work has created a substantial buzz around the community of Americans horrified to learn that “pizza gate” is a much bigger issue than a few inside-the-beltway creeps at Comet Ping Pong and Pizza, in Washington DC.

George Webb’s recent investigative expose is titled Dyncorp Harvest: Killing Is Good Business.

George will spend :90 with the Hagmanns.  If his research and precision presentation doesn’t send the sting of a thousand scorpions down your spine, you are not paying attention.  George has done a lot of clawing into alleged child sex trafficking and it goes far beyond “pizzagate”.

At 9:00pm EST we welcome Pastor David Lankford from The Voice of Evangelism.   Pastor Lankford will touch briefly on a new feature that we are introducing on the last Wednesday of each month throughout 2017: Questions and Answers With Pastor Lankford.  Q&A this month is scheduled for Wednesday February 22, 2017 and we will provide the details tonight.

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