Chad Green, American Medical Kidnap Victim, Playas de Tijuana, Mexico July 1979 © Peter Chowka

Answer: It already has – maybe in not exactly the same kind of case as Charlie Gard’s, but in numerous analogous ones. And I covered them.

Charlie Gard has, in effect, been medically kidnapped by the socialist National Health Service bureaucracy that has lined up with the British medical establishment to assert the primacy of the state’s rights over the parents’ rights to determine the fate of a minor child. In Britain, the state essentially owns the child, and the experience faced by Charlie Gard and his parents has brought that outrageous situation clearly to light.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week (July 17 and 18), Michio Hirano, M.D., the noted Columbia University physician, examined 11-month old baby Charlie in a case that has gained worldwide attention. Baby Charlie suffers from a rare genetic disease, mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, that is considered progressive and terminal. He is being kept alive on life support at a hospital in London.

Reportedly ignoring Dr. Hirano’s opinion after a five-hour meeting and the physician’s examination of the baby, Charlie’s English doctors, who work for the government under the National Health Service (NHS) the UK’s single-payer socialist medical system, continue to maintain that there is no hope for Charlie and that he should immediately be disconnected from life support systems, which would quickly result in his death. Ever since Charlie’s medical condition was first diagnosed last fall when he was three months old, his parents have sought second opinions, and one has been provided by Dr. Hirano, an esteemed specialist in the United States whose work on children with illnesses like Charlie’s has shown great promise and has gained international recognition in the mainstream medical and scientific community.

The English court system has been enlisted to reinforce the doctors’ clinical opinions and has taken the additional draconian step of preventing Charlie’s parents from taking their son to the United States for treatment at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, where Dr. Hirano and his team are engaged in leading edge U.S. government-supported research and experimental treatment of affected children.

Connie Yates, Charlie’s mother, was quoted in the Daily Mail on July 18: “As Charlie’s loving parents, we are doing the right thing for our son in exploring all treatment options.” Yates provided the newspaper with a new photo of Charlie that she said proved that he can see. His British physicians claim the child is blind.

Charlie Gard Eyes Open July 2017

The story of Charlie and his future is an emotionally wrenching one, as ordinary people with common sense on both sides of the Atlantic cannot understand why the British government, or any government in a supposedly free and democratic society for that matter, would work to prevent dedicated and loving parents like Charlie’s from taking rational steps that might possibly help their baby. Dr. Hirano is not some obscure quack or marginal figure, but one of the most recognized and respected physicians and researchers in the world. That apparently does not register with the socialist hacks who run the UK’s medical and political establishment, almost all of whom have lined up in a united front against the parents.

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