UFO hot spot? Strange footage captures mysterious object flying close to volcano in Mexico just days after it erupted

  • Popocatepetl has been filmed 24 hours a day since it erupted last week
  • An inspection of latest footage showed streak of light flying through sky
  • White object, followed by trail of smoke, flies behind the Mexican mountain
  • Not the first time UFO hunters have reported seeing a strange craft at siteĀ 

Strange footage has captured a mysterious flying object cutting through the sky close to the mouth a volcano just days after it erupted.

Cameras spotted the white object, followed by streaks of smoke, flying behind Popocatepetl in Mexico, before passing out the other side.

The sighting, captured by a 24-hour webcam focused on the 18,000ft mountain every day since last week, has prompted UFO hunters to suggest that it could be a sign of extra terrestrial life.

Is this the moment a UFO was spotted flying past a volcano?

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As heard on The Hagmann Report