Phony racially-motivated attacks and Democrats being caught in blackface were just some of the controversies that liberal journalists and celebrities actually blamed on Donald Trump and his Wall-endorsing, red hat-wearing supporters this past month.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough claimed Trump only wanted a Wall to “Keep America white.” Former NBC Nightly News host Tom Brokaw said supporters of the Wall were just worried about “brown grandbabies.”

And when two Virginia Democrats got into trouble for wearing blackface, two MSNBC analysts actually linked the scandal to Trump.

After a Native American protestor got in the face of a Covington Catholic school kid, CNN’s Angela Rye attacked the student for wearing a red “Make America Great” hat that was “just as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me…as a KKK hood.”

And speaking of phony MAGA hat controversies celebrities like Ellen Page, Rob Reiner and Billy Eichner rampaged against Trump and Vice President Mike Pence after Empire actor Justin Smollet faked a story that he was jumped by two red hat-wearing Trump supporters in Chicago.

The following are the worst outbursts from liberal journalists and celebrities from the last month:

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