President Trump takes his case for border security directly to American voters Tuesday night in a prime-time address aimed at enlisting the public’s help in convincing Congress to pony up billions of dollars for his border wall.

The president will then jet to the border on Thursday for an up-close look at what he says is a dire security crisis.

He’s pondering declaring a national emergency and enlisting the military to construct the wall, circumventing congressional Democrats who have insisted they won’t approve any new money for his border-barrier vision.

Vice President Mike Pence, briefing reporters Monday, said no decision has been made and they’re still studying the legal justification.

He said they’d prefer to get a deal done on Capitol Hill, but their outreach has been met with silence as the partial government shutdown stretches into its third week.

“When are the Democrats going to start negotiating?” Mr. Pence said. “There is a crisis at the southern border. We just need the Democrats to start negotiating.”