We have seen the media attack Donald Trump while protecting Hillary Clinton.  We have also seen Trump written off by the media even before the primaries started and here he is.

If Donald Trump can continue to gain ground in a few key states by next Tuesday, he will win the presidency.

I’m not making any predictions. I’m not for or against Trump. He still faces an uphill climb, given the Democrats’ inherent Electoral College advantage, and would need to grab a major blue state. But with polling gains in such states as Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina and New Hampshire, Trump has enough of a path that with four days to go, he still has a shot.

How, one might ask, is that possible, given the extraordinary media avalanche that has tried to bury him?

How can he still be competitive after most of the country’s newspapers and magazines have not just opposed him, but said he is utterly beyond the pale as a plausible president?

What does that say about the media?

It is beyond dispute that Trump has drawn far more coverage, and far more negative coverage than Hillary Clinton, and that some media critics have applauded this imbalance.


As heard on The Hagmann Report