President Trump accused the media on Monday of straining to find ways to blame him for last week’s massacre in two New Zealand mosques that left 50 people dead.

“The Fake News Media is working overtime to blame me for the horrible attack in New Zealand. They will have to work very hard to prove that one,” Trump tweeted. “So Ridiculous!”

A 28-year-old Australian-born citizen live streamed the horrific killings when he mowed down Muslim worshippers at Friday prayer in Christchurch. The gunman claimed responsibility and allegedly posted a white nationalist manifesto immediately before the murder spree.

A variety of news originations were quick to tie Trump to the horrific mass shooting.

The Los Angeles Times published an opinion piece headlined, “Trump’s rhetoric didn’t cause the New Zealand attack, but it isn’t helping.”

Piers Morgan penned a column for the Daily Mail headlined, “49 massacred innocent Muslims prove words can have lethal consequences, Mr. President. If you don’t ferociously disown the racist lunatics claiming to be inspired by you, you’ll be damned by your silence.”

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