Dear readers, I ask that you “stay with me” on this one. Had I written this 25 years ago, or perhaps even a decade ago, I might have questioned my own sanity. A review of today’s headlines, however, should absolve me of any accusations of such flights of fancy.

I suspect that a great number of people will see the title of this article and “pass” on reading further, erroneously believing that historical accounts of giants walking the earth is pure mythology or simply science fiction. Those same people, however, will read and forward articles about science fiction-like advancements in technology while dismissing what has already been proven by history.

Meanwhile, research of historical records regarding archeological finds that have been deliberately kept out of the public domain, uncovered only through the efforts of researchers such as Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Timothy Alberino and others also serve as confirmation of events that are rarely, if ever discussed in pubic or by experts from the government or academia.  These same men have embarked on their own expeditions, finding new proof and historical accounts that are consistent with Biblical history.

To even the most cynical among us, few can deny that we are racing toward a level of technological advancements that was the stuff of science fiction 50, 20 or even 10 years ago.  To the curious and the intellectually discerning, however, it is evident that built within such advancements is also a level of deception that is Biblical. And I mean Biblical in the literal sense.

To Serve Man

It was March 2, 1962 when the classic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” was first broadcast on network television. The iconic giant from a race of alien giants known as the “Kanamits” is an instantly recognizable figure for that episode and the genre of science fiction in television history. [I must insert the obligatory “SPOILER ALERT’ here in the event you have yet to see it in syndication].

This alien race appeared before the United Nations to share their advanced technology to aid humanity. They displayed their goodwill by ending world hunger, solving energy shortages and other geopolitical issues. The United Nations and all of mankind were drawn to their apparent   benevolence, and welcomed the Kanamits without reservation after their representatives passed intense scrutiny by interrogations and even polygraphs.

Humanity’s trust of the Kanamits and their intentions was further advanced after a book, written in the alien language and left by the representative of the “giant” alien race was successfully decoded by a cryptographer and aptly titled “To Serve Man.”

The deception central to the storyline, however, was discovered too late. Further decryption of the book revealed that it was a cookbook, and it was mankind that was on the menu.

Although that episode aired over a half-century ago, it still exists as a classic today. A giant race of aliens, problems on our planet that continue to exist today, and the ultimate deception of mankind by a technologically advanced alien civilization appealing to the desires of the spiritually naïve. That’s all the troubling elements that continue at present, minus the benevolent aliens that save the day.

One might legitimately ask what a 1962 episode of a science fiction series has to do with anything that is taking place in the world today. There are obvious parallels, at least with respect to the troubles facing mankind.

There are, however, parallels that might not be so obvious, especially to Biblically illiterate Christians. Such Biblical illiteracy, it can be argued, will be a factor in the great deception referenced in the holy Bible. And I submit that this deception contains most, if not all of the same elements of that Twilight Zone episode from 1962 – even the race of “giants.”

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