BNOsq24 August 2014: CRITICAL UPDATE: Breathe No Evil Author Steve Quayle & “Dr. S., MD” Monday on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report –

You will not hear this on the news or from your family doctor, but certain medication and medical equipment is in short supply. Saline and other intravenous (IV) solutions, certain anesthesia and anesthesia related drugs, morphine, and other critical life-sustaining drugs are becoming difficult to get, causing various “non-critical” surgeries in various areas of North America (and globally) to be postponed. There is a reason for this. So too is there a reason behind the recent Ebola outbreak.

The global Ebola outbreak is just one of the many pandemics written some 20 years ago by Steve Quayle in his book, Breathe No Evil. Easily ahead of his time by two decades, Mr. Quayle also laid out the structure and ramifications that are now in place for genocide and mass population reduction. Today, the current and specific focus is on the burgeoning Ebola outbreak, and what this particular outbreak portends. It might not be as obvious as we are being led to believe.

Considering the act of population reduction and genocide that most, if not all globalists have in their plans for a new world order, we need to look at a number of seemingly disparate situations as pieces of a larger agenda. For example, does it make sense to leave a wide open border to our south given the level of threats we purportedly face from terrorists to communicable diseases? Don’t listen to the mainstream media, but think for yourselves! Does it make sense? It does, perhaps, in the larger picture of destroying and restructuring the United States, making it part of a North American Union due to the ramifications of the disease, stress on our medical system, our social structure, and in many other areas.

Join Steve Quayle and “Dr.S.,” a medical doctor with updated inside knowledge of the ramifications of a pandemic outbreak of mutagenic viruses and forced, untested immunizations being planned on the citizens of America on the Monday edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. “Dr. S.,” whose full name and stellar bona fides are known to us but desires a level of anonymity with the public, describes what is currently taking place as a “triple red alert” that will spell the death for millions, regardless of where you live. He intends to tell it like it is and will “pull no punches” in this broadcast, giving us all the inside information we will need to make critical life-and-death decisions. He will provide important information about areas of exposure that most people would not even consider, and along with the “bad news,” provide the critical information we need to protect ourselves that we must initiate immediately – while we still have the opportunity.

Lest you tend to believe that this is unsubstantiated hype, consider the first “rule” inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Obviously, there is a lot of culling of humanity that must be accomplished by the global elite to bring the world’s population to such a level. The infrastructure for population reduction and mass genocide is already in place. Learn what is being done, and equally important, what YOU must do to keep you and your family safe.

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