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Wednesday, November 30, 2022



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Toolbox of Tyranny – Lawfare, Harassment, Emergency Declarations, & Nukes | Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report 9/21/2022

"It's the demonic fusion trifecta: the mRNA jab, digital currency, and lab-grown food." - Doug Hagmann

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The globalist leaders, including the Congressional “Uni-party,” the rogue Executive branch, the Judiciary, the DoJ, FBI and the media in the U.S. are using every tool in their toolbox of tyranny against anyone who is a populist, nationalist or an “America First” patriot.

The Soros-funded NY AG filed a 250 million dollar civil lawsuit against President Trump and his children, showing that the Communist Left Party of Davos must completely destroy the President (and/or) keep him distracted and on the defensive.

Meanwhile, new information is coming out about the NHI/FDA/NIAID Fauci-Collins-et al ‘vaccines’ causing debilitating injuries to people 18-64.

In addition, the likely threat of nuclear war becomes stronger every day.


PAGE 1: TRUMP CHARGED IN NY $250 Million Lawsuit

VIDEO 1: Edward Dowd Shares Data Findings By Team Showing Harmful Effects Of COVID Jabs

VIDEO 2:  Naomi Wolf On Dangers Of Vaccine And Emergency Orders Being Left In Place To Manipulate Midterms

PAGE 2:  ‘Highly suspect’: DARPA tried to hire executive at Wuhan lab funder as COVID emerged, he says

PAGE W/VIDEO: Gateway Pundit Stewart Rhodes (video/audio).

VIDEO 3:  John Solomon: The FBI’s Own Committee of Special Agents Had Complaints of FBI’s Politicization Redacted in Report

VIDEO 4:  Bongino 9/20



PAGE 1:  Humanity 2.0 Is Coming — You Ignore Steve Bannon’s Warning At Your Own Peril  – JOE ALEN

PAGE 2:  Exploring Biodigital Convergence. February 11, 2020. REFERENCED ABOVE

PAGE 3:  White House Introduces the Joe Biden “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency”

VIDEO 1:  World Government Summit: Pippa Malmgren on Digital Currencies  –  DIGITAL CURRENCY

VIDEO 2:  Joe Allen: Director of Biden Created ARPA-H Intends to Edit Human Genomes at New Agency

VIDEO 3:  WarRoom Dissects the Invasion of Technocratic Ideas in American Government


PAGE 1Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe, and Secure American Bioeconomy

PAGE 2: Fact Sheet: HHS Takes Action on Executive Order Launching a National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative

PAGE 3: AN ASIDE: USDA approves genetically modified purple tomatoes

VIDEO 1Yuval Noah Harari | “We Are One of the Last Generations of Homo Sapiens.”

VIDEO 2Joe Allen Discusses Biden’s Executive Order for Additional Funding for Transhumanist Experiments

VIDEO 3: The Impending Globalist Plan Revealed

VIDEO 4World Government Summit: Pippa Malmgren on Digital Currencies  –  DIGITAL CURRENCY



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Previous (Rotating) Episode Links/Sources

CLIP A:  “They’re still going to have to put a bullet in Donald Trump”

CLIP 1:  Jeff O’Donnell: Mesa County is the Rosetta Stone of Election Machine Rigging

CLIP 2:  Lib Loses His Mind Over Trump’s “Special Master” Win

VIDEO:  CHILLING – Karine Jean-Pierre says that people who voted for Donald Trump are “a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”  TWITTER – INCLUDE TEXT

VIDEO 2:  Joe Biden declares war on Americans: You are the problem.    9:30-15:10

PAGE:  DHS wants to continue its “disinformation” work, flag “falsehoods” to social media platforms

PAGE (OR PDF): Disinformation Best Practices and Safeguards Subcommittee; Final Report August 24, 2022

PAGE: Appendix 2/CISA

PAGE:  Biden White House Colluded With Big Tech To Censor COVID Info, Emails Prove  – Natalie Winters National Pulse

Segment 1: From Obama to O’Biden – Some Familiar Faces Are Here to Destroy Us | Doug Hagmann Opening Segment | The Hagmann Report (8/31/2022)

VIDEO A: Right Wing MAGA terrorism (Twitter – MSNBC)

VIDEO B: SETTING THE STAGE: BIDEN: “You hear some of my friends on the other team talking about political violence and how it’s necessary.”  (Twitter)

VIDEO C: SETTING THE STAGE:  BIDEN: You need something more than a gun.”  (TWITTER)

VIDEO D:  FLASHBACK: Loretta Lynch calls for blood and death in the streets fighting against Trump

VIDEO 1:  A Nightmare Scenario If Trump Gets A Second Term: The Atlantic    MORNING JOE 8/31/2022

SEGMENT 1: 0:00-2:20

SEGMENT 2: 5:35-7:10

PAGE 1:  Obama-Era ‘Sisters’ Circle Trump   – Remember the names

VIDEO 2: Source:  The FBI Strikes Again! (Ep. 1841) – The Dan Bongino Show

SEGMENT 1:  0:14-1:21

SEGMENT 2: 1:33-2:06

SEGMENT 3:  3:53-5:58

SEGMENT 4:  6:06-8:29

SEGMENT 5: 9:03-9:39

SEGMENT 6: 12:06-14:30

SEGMENT 7:  15:05-20:18

PAGE 2:  Utah FBI employee arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of child sex abuse

Segment 2:

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