With the midterm elections only 12 days away, the rush of stories that might impact the outcome is steadily increasing. Separating the PsyOps from the real news and connecting the dots present more of a challenge than ever. Fortunately, the alternative media and new media are rising to the challenge.

Tonight at 9 PM ET on The Hagmann Report, my weekly hour that typically features a probing interview with a person of note (last week’s hour with Diana West was definitely an early high water mark in the new series) will give way to a discussion of some of the latest breaking important news.

There will also be time to explore an issue that I first mentioned back in August but have not had the opportunity to discuss until tonight: A psycho-sexual dimension in electoral politics.

This should be an eye-opening (but grounded and GP rated) discussion of a largely heretofore overlooked but tremendously significant influence in American politics – as was first suggested in a New York Times article back in 2009!

Please tune in tonight to the Hagmann Report 7-10 PM ET with my segment starting at 9 PM.

Live video as usual at HagmannReportLive.com with podcasts to follow.

Next week Friday November 2 at 9 PM ET, my interview format will return with special guest Thomas Lifson, the founder, publisher and editor of – and frequent contributor to – the leading conservative political Web site American Thinker.



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