On Thursday Jan 31 at 9 PM ET, my weekly interview segment returns as I welcome back Richard Pollock to The Hagmann Report.

Richard is an Emmy award-winning producer for his work on ABC’s Good Morning America, and he was the senior producer who helped launch Fox News Sunday. In recent years, Richard has been an investigative reporter for both the Washington Examiner and the Daily Caller News Foundation.

In 2019, he is about to take a new journey as the strategic advisor for the Endowment for Middle East Truth, “fighting anti-Semitism and supporting the Jewish Holy Land of Israel.”

For the past four years, Richard has been a senior investigative reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation. During that time, he has broken a number of major stories that have trended and been linked from leading sites such as the Drudge Report.

I interviewed Richard during the first hour of the Sept 4, 2018 Hagmann Report which I was guest hosting for Doug and Joe Hagmann. The video podcast of that program, during which Richard and I had a very wide ranging discussion of some of the key political issues leading up to the Midterm Elections, can be watched at this URL at YouTube. The conversation with Richard begins soon after the full program starts. We also discussed Richard’s background working in D.C. media at some of the highest levels, as well as his more recent contributions to the new conservative media.

Five months later now, my discussion with Richard Pollock tonight Jan 31 will touch on another variety of topics including his well-sourced view of the Trump presidency at the midpoint of the POTUS’s first term, the progress of the Mueller investigation, and more. We will also discuss developments in the Middle East that we Americans need to be aware of.

The Peter Barry Chowka Interview on The Hagmann Report with Richard Pollock – tonight, Thursday Jan 31, 2019 at 9 PM ET. Live HD video stream here.

From the archives: Richard Pollock’s eye-opening 10-part Sept 2012 investigative series for The Washington Examiner, “The Obama You Don’t Know.” Click the link to access the series courtesy of The Internet Archive.


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