In the darkness of last Monday night into early Tuesday morning, Timothy Alberino, his wife and children nearly lost their lives as a result of an incident that remains under investigation. The specific details of this incident, until now, have been kept under wraps as the investigation by law enforcement continued. What occurred in the cold darkness of that night would not only have taken the life of a leading researcher of matters of vital importance to current happenings, but the lives of his wife and children. For a time, their lives hung perilously in the balance, except for the saving intervention of God.

Anyone daring to be at the tip of the investigative spear that exposes an agenda of evil and darkness is aware of the perils of such activities, and accepts those perils. Many have come before and met their fates as casualties in a battle between good and evil, light and darkness. It is becoming more obvious today than ever before that the enemies of truth care nothing about the collateral damage of the physical and spiritual war in which we fight. It is no longer the soldiers of truth who are at risk, but their families as well.

When evil is about to be exposed, the purveyors of darkness will stop at nothing to keep their evil deeds hidden. A child, a wife, a mother, or anyone in the way are considered expendable. The only recourse for the safety of the truth warrior is to expose the evil deeds with as much detail as permissible, but not so much as to compromise the official investigation as well as a concurrent independent investigation.

It is through this narrow valley that Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle will walk, providing details of the incident that nearly took the life of Mr. Alberino and his family.

Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino will discuss not just the incident of last week, but the key investigations that could well be considered as motives behind such nefarious acts – including other events that appeared to culminate early last week.

Following the coverage of that incident (from the remainder of the first hour through the third hour), Timothy Alberino will provide new information about his findings from his various trips to South America that includes evidence of a race of giants consistent with Biblical accounts. Steve Quayle will also discuss in greater depth the rise of Nazi influence that is serving as a major part of the infrastructure for the globalists in the formation of the new World Order.

Both discuss how each topic intersects to form an ideological foundation for current events.

As heard on The Hagmann Report