Thomas Lifson, founder, publisher, editor of & frequent contributor to American Thinker, will be the guest on the next installment of the weekly Peter Barry Chowka Interview on the Hagmann Report on Friday Nov 2 at 9 PM ET.

American Thinker, a leading online conservative publication of political news and analysis, is approaching its 15th anniversary. During the past decade and a half, both the political and online landscapes have changed a lot. From his vantage point as publisher and editor, Thomas Lifson has had a front row seat during this striking evolution in politics and reporting and his perspectives on everything political and media will be very valuable to hear during his first appearance Friday evening on The Hagmann Report.

According to his biography at American Thinker, Thomas Lifson:

calls himself a recovering academic. After graduating from Kenyon College, he studied modern Japan, sociology, and business as a graduate student at Harvard (three degrees) and joined the faculty at Harvard Business School, where he began the consulting career that was to lead him away from academia. He also taught sociology and East Asian studies at Harvard and held visiting professorships at Columbia University and the Japanese National Museum of Ethnology. As a consultant, he has worked with major companies from the United States, Japan, Europe, Asia, and Australasia at the nexus of human, organizational, and strategic issues. A Democrat by birth, Thomas became more conservative in adulthood as reality taught him that dreams of perfecting human society always run smack into human nature.

Friday Nov 2 at 9 PM ET: Thomas Lifson in conversation with Peter Barry Chowka on The Hagmann Report. Live video here:

Video and audio podcasts will be available following the live broadcast.


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