Showing how little respect and general goodwill they have for the humanity of Trump supporters, CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon hurled more venom between their respective shows on Tuesday toward those who weren’t on board with The Resistance because, if not, you’re at minimum endorsing bigotry and racism. A quick NewsBusters search of Lemon items would rate his claim as pants on fire.

Of course, at no point in their seven-minute-plus discussion did either mention the growing problem on the left with anti-Semitism and the opposition to Israel’s existence. Same goes for Christians who don’t subscribe to liberal, choose-your-own-adventure viewpoints.

Cuomo got things started with a “Closing Argument” commentary about the racist language of Iowa Republican Steve King, insisting that this was a time of choosing for those on the right. Lemon appeared at the 10:00 p.m. Eastern mark and began his own rant, agreeing with Cuomo’s point that “on what we ignore, we empower.”

Clearly looking to make himself the story, Lemon warned that what he was about to say was“controversial” and then he unwrapped his latest diatribe offering a deep disdain and intolerance towards those who supported the President because of his past statements (click “expand”):

As heard on The Hagmann Report