In a complete shambles, to put it mildly. We have wandered so far from the beautiful starting point, the inception and creation of the greatest country in the world. We took purity and allowed evil to defile it. We are responsible because we allowed this to happen on our watch. We were too busy working, playing, vacationing, BBQing, watching football while the fox walked right past us and straight into the henhouse. Now that the majority of the hens are dead and missing, we’re moaning the blues, wringing our hands, and crying like babies. Others among us want to take on the federal government a Capitol Hill and blast our way to redemption. Others want to hide in a dark corner and pray, hoping God will send 10,000 angels to rectify this wrong while we do absolutely nothing, claiming this is prophecy.

All are wrong, individually. Each has grandiose end results desired, yet each lacks the methodology required to complete the mission, meet the objective.

What is required is a collective movement, the massive silent majority that conservatives boasted about pre-election. The 75-125 million of us Patriots that refuse to lie down and die, who refuse to surrender our freedoms, liberties, and way of life without a fight.

This must start now, collectively across the nation, town by town, city by city, and county by county. This patriotic movement must be collective, firm, relentless, and without exception on any point. Period. This doesn’t need to be headed up by sheriffs or Chiefs of Police. It can be headed up, formed, organized, and governed by citizens. We would seek the full support of Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, judges, mayors, and other government officials locally. If not, the collective groups in any town, city, or county can remove any one of them or all of them. A collective group is a huge voting block. Make sure these officials understand.

This same collective group must also be voted into Supervisor of Election slots locally, and the local voting precincts must be overwhelmingly manned by Patriotic Conservatives. The stranglehold and monopoly that the far left has had on this country’s voting process has to be broken. 2022 must mark the reclaiming of America by the Conservative Patriots. The communist left must be pushed out of our government on all levels; however, it must start on the local level.

Start today. Talk to your neighbor. Then both of you talk to another neighbor. There are 3142 counties in the US, 19,495 cities and towns.

Stay tuned here at the Hagmann Report as we start driving this point home. Let’s not focus on naming our groups as militias, as this will only draw negative attention to our movement nationwide. We are collective groups of God Fearing “Christian Conservative Patriots.” It’s that simple.

Are we armed? Of course. Our second amendment rights guarantee this. We will defend this.

Do we have the right to free speech? Of course. Our first amendment rights guarantee this. We will defend this.

We are not militants, extremists, insurgents, or terrorists. We are Americans.

We The People.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

As heard on The Hagmann Report