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Most members of the media and sadly, even many self-professed investigative journalists, authors and pundits are assailing the so-called alt-right” and those of us who state that we are on the front lines in the fight against tyranny by denying that America is under tyranny. After all, freedom of speech still exists, we still have our guns and we are not living in a state of Martial Law.

Sadly, they have succumbed to a strong delusion. It is equally sad that many of us have fallen to the same delusion, even to the point of believing that we cannot do anything to fight against growing government oppression.

It can no longer be denied that we have permitted our leaders to incrementally increase oppression over certain beliefs that do not conform to their globalist agenda. There are many clear examples of this oppression, which by definition, are tyrannical in nature. Forcing Christian businesses, for example, to act in opposition to their religious beliefs or face not just prosecution, but persecution.

Unfortunately, most having Judeo-Christian beliefs have been convinced that they are powerless in the face of such oppression.

Enter Matt Trewhella the pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church and founder of Missionaries to the Preborn. He has become an expert in “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates.” By understanding this doctrine and employing its principles, we can effectively fight and prevail over the vocal minority who want to subjugate us through law-fare and other tactics. First, we must understand it, then employ it.

Join Mr. Trewhella on this episode of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report as we discuss the problems and the solutions. Topics will include the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates and the Magdeburg Confession, which is an important historical work that became the first in the history of mankind to set forth in a doctrinal format what only later came to be known as the Lesser Magistrate Doctrine.

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