Can you feel it? A volatile response to illegal government edicts is coming, and coming soon.

The overreaching Left, whether state governors, county or municipal officials who are mandating lockdowns already have blood on their hands. Cuomo, Whitmere, Newsome, or Wolf, THEY are the fascists who are responsible for the blood already shed, and the pushback that will follow. It’s about to get very ugly.

The ONLY way to avoid a war inside our country is through civil disobedience – EVERY American must stand up to the unconstitutional edicts and not just say “no,” but “HELL NO!” We must stand together, or we will suffer the consequences of our inaction, and there won’t be anything civil about it, nor should there be.

This is just the beginning: CLICK HERE to view

From the Conservative Treehouse: “If one person refuses to comply, the government or control authority can, and likely will, intervene. However, if tens of thousands rebuke these unconstitutional decrees, there isn’t a damn thing govt can do to stop it… and they know it.  A non-compliant snowball becomes an unstoppable freedom avalanche.”

As heard on The Hagmann Report