“Sin and sickness are bookends of the human condition” Paul McGuire, Hagmann Report, 2013.

Tonight’s featured guest is longtime friend of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Paul McGuire.  Paul’s message for all of us this evening is mandatory as we face 2017 and square off with a world that worships creation, not the Creator.  Please take a moment to read his article, written exclusively for The Hagmann Report.

I am going to speak personally and in first person and I choose to do so because I feel an unction to describe how Paul’s teaching and insights dramatically changed my capabilities, discernment and ultimately my current station in life.  The first time I heard Paul McGuire speak was in 2012, with Doug and Joe Hagmann, on the program, in the old days.  I remember driving through the Cahuenga Pass, leaving Hollywood and crawling through gridlock after a long day working for Disney at an adjutant stage in central Hollywood.  Paul was sharpening the evening’s thesis into a razor, describing how the United States was on a parallel course with Hitler’s post-Weimar, pre-World War Two, Nazi Germany.  As an avid WW II guy, I raised the volume and took mental notes.  Who is this guest?  One minute he was painting my mindscape back to Germany in the late thirties and he definitely had strong command over his subject matter.  Then within a few seconds he described the fallacy of Nazism as a political movement, proving that it was primarily and originally Satanic occultism, disguised as a political party and ideology.  By the time I was halfway to Pasadena, Paul was analyzing the role Hollywood plays in the controlled conditioning that is the entertainment engine driving our country toward tyranny on par with Hitler’s Reich.  Scales began to fall from my eyes. I had less than twelve hours until I was due back at…the steering wheel of Satan’s muscle car.  Immediately I was uncomfortable seeing my mug frowning back at me.  I adjusted the rearview mirror and a tiny voice in my heart told me that soon the final frame of my career in the picture  ‘biz would fit where my guilty face was presently trying to fabricate excuses.  So by way of introduction to the power and profundity of Paul McGuire’s teaching, I state for the record that the journey leading from sound stages to the Hagmann Studio began when Paul admonished the listeners to get with the program.  Question: Are you with the program?

I sincerely hope that you took a moment to consider the inquiry because whereas I was blessed with several years to be a wimp, you may not have that luxury.  But, but, Trump got elected and we are headed for the salad years of Ronald Reagan.  Maybe yes.  Maybe no.  After years of joining Paul at his Thursday prayer meetings in North Hollywood and hanging out earlier this year in Dallas, I am confident in borrowing this simple message from him: WITHOUT REVIVAL IN THIS LAND, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

The Hagmann and Hagmann Report encourages those of you who feel the pressing need, the immediacy of the challenges that confront the Remnant Body today, to spend some time reviewing Paul McGuire’s work in greater detail by considering a special Christmas deal that Paul is making available to Hagmann listeners so that educating yourself and your family doesn’t break the family budget.

Friends tonight is important because most of us are frankly not ready for true judgement from a righteous and furious God.  Let’s be real; we’re not even close to ready.  I want to keep this brief specifically because I could easily crank out 3000 words extrapolating: Luciferian Hollywood, controlled conditioning, Projects Bluebird and Mockingbird, Jack Parsons and Roman Polanski and how it all ties into the End of the Age, not to mention the end of my time in Hollywood.  Rather I will close with an insight from Pastor David Lankford and an exhortation that Paul McGuire pounded through my dense head on a late summer night, in a parking lot, in North Hollywood.

Jon: Pastor Lankford, if it all went away tomorrow, if the Satanic Elite threw the switch and there was no more H and H, do you think all of the listeners would be okay, you know, spiritually, if it was just them and God and a lot of scary 9/11 type stuff?

Pastor Lankford: No they would not. Because they do not understand how to fight evil, they do not know their authority in Jesus and they, well, many of them, not all, are close to Biblically illiterate.

There was a long silence on the phone that evening and that silence still pervades my heart.

Paul McGuire: (referring to a show title that I did on H&H) Did you really call it that?

Jon: Yes. “Hollywood Is A Satanic Death Cult.”

Paul: So what are you scared of?

Jon: Finances.  Leaving my job. Not knowing what’s next.

Paul punched me in the arm and I do not mind telling you all; it was a solid punch, more Clint Eastwood than John Wayne.

Paul:  Look at you, you’re not married, you’ve got your backpack. Sleep on couches if you have to but stop making excuses AND GET TO WORK.

Join us this evening, folks.  We start at 7:00pm sharp.  Here’s a hint: Doug is not big on tardiness.  Bottom line: we all need to stop making excuses and get to work.  As I write this, I know in my heart that many of you are exactly where I was in that parking lot, hoping Paul’s punch was a one-off.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  We will see you at 7:00 this evening.

As heard on The Hagmann Report