The White House administration’s manipulation is now obvious for all to see, just as we projected last year, long before November 3, 2020. It was a classic” Bait and Switch” operation that has been planned and perpetuated by the shameless Democrat Party. This should come as no surprise as it is dishonest, unethical, and not the voters’ will, which is the typical modus operandi of the morally bankrupt Left. The far-Left members of the Democrat party knew exactly what they were doing going into the rigged election on November 3rd and beyond, or until they decided to quit counting fraudulent ballots.

What was once only suspected is now yet a scary reality. The cognitively impaired Biden will be leaving office very soon. Kamala Harris will assume control and maintain this position with her suggested nomination for Vice President, an act that would require confirmation by the US House and Senate. Many people erroneously believe Pelosi automatically advances on the globalist communist chess board into the VP slot automatically, however this isn’t the exact process. Granted, the Speaker of the House is in the line-up to fill the Presidency slot in a continuity of government (COG) contingency plan, but not automatically to the position of Vice President should Harris advance (despite her ineligibility under the US Constitution).

The looming question is who the Left would excavate from the current political landfill for this vacated VP position? The possibilities should keep most sane people awake at night.

This could be a massive disaster for this great nation. Once again, we find ourselves staring into the abyss. The unknown.

If you think Biden has been ridiculously pounding the US with his totalitarian moves, slinging out Executive Orders like a child throwing a temper tantrum, just wait until Kamala Harris, the racist FemiNazi Communist thug, assumes more power. We clearly see that Biden has simply reconstituted the Obama regime with some sickening additions, including, for example, a transgender, crossdressing freak Rachel (Richard) Levine, to the US Department of Health & Human Services. This apparent escapee from a mental institution somewhere wants to encourage children who are still learning the alphabet to choose, challenge, or surgically change their gender at an age when they’re not even sure what the term “gender” means. This is only one example of what this senile, deranged lunatic of a President has unleashed on the American citizenry.

The nauseous left is tabling legislation to attack and erode second amendment rights even further. This is only one step on further eroding American rights under the guise of “protecting Americans”. Any time that this phrase is uttered by a politician in Washington DC, people should shudder.

Everything you see happening in and around the Capitol should have you alarmed. The former Capitol Of The People is now referred to as Fort Pelosi as our nation’s Capitol building is no longer accessible to you and I, the ones paying for this political turd farm formerly known as Our Capitol. As we followed along with Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene a while back touring the perimeter of Fort Pelosi, we should be concerned, disgusted and alarmed as the fortifications are reminiscent of what you would find housing a rogue, illegal government over the people, NOT of the people or by the people.

If Biden was placed in office legally, by the people, why the military fortified perimeter? This horse’s ass of a human, posing as President has yet to hold a single White House press conference, hasn’t delivered a State of The Union address and does not have a SOTU address scheduled. Of course, we don’t need a SOTU address as we are painfully aware of the STATE OF OUR UNION.




 Please pray as we move forward. We will reclaim this great nation from these anti-American swine.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.




As heard on The Hagmann Report