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Tuesday, August 16, 2022



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The New Media Must Survive the Network Media Mindset

Will the truth go underground?  Will Silicon Valley Neophytes, the nuevo riche servants of a global Luciferian agenda drive the truth from the American experience by crushing public New Media platforms?  If major changes do not occur, the answer is yes.

Censorship and “Hate Speech” Is Not “Us”

The new censorship is working.  The new censorship is not a social trend.  The new censorship is nothing new, but from ancient Rome to Nazi Germany it kills the truth, exterminates sovereignty and germinates empires.

Specific, targeted algorithms watching for words you cannot use, or phrases you cannot say on the platforms that have proven over recent years that we are powerful through our pursuit of truth will continue and it will worsen.

Most of you have probably read at least one or two articles explaining the first twist of the mega-corporate vise that a very small handful of control freaks are successfully implementing to shut us up and shut us down.

First of all, who is “us”?  The Dutch underground during Nazi occupation of The Netherlands had a whispered phrase, “Us is us.”  There is no political agenda or socioeconomic strata that comprises the exponentially exploding New Media audience.  The only common market demand of the aforementioned audience is: we want the truth.

We do not want TelePrompTer truth.  We do not want tabloid novelty.  We are not trendy.

We no longer believe the textbook tales and pedantic high school lies that tell us the US Dollar is backed by gold or that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F Kennedy three times with a $29 mail order rifle.  We understand that J. Edgar Hoover was a crossdressing homosexual who used the FBI to blackmail American Citizens and we believe the evidence that indicts the wheel chair bound “grandfather of America”, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  He knew Pearl Harbor would be attacked, he placed an Executive Gag Order on the truth to bring America to England’s aid in December, 1941.

There is a dynamic that pulls society with evermore ferocity.  Some call it the Truth Movement.  Some describe themselves as “awake.”  Many view the intensifying struggle as globalism versus nationalism.  The new nomenclature in use from Twitter to home Bible studies is “taking the red pill.”  Regardless of preferred terminology, it comes down to a baseline understanding that we are all either participants or spectators in a battle that rages and has raged since the dawn of humanity.

The fight is between the evil, prideful vanity of Satan and his unrelenting deception of God’s children; Satan, continually perpetuatiing his ultimate endgame, which is death.

Many, not all, but many among the New Media audience are Christians, albeit Christians in widely varying faith-walks.  To qualify this, some Christian, New Media consumers hit their knees multiple times daily; others practice “churchianity.”  Again, we are all either participants or spectators (convenient dupes.)

From General Sun Tzu to General Von Clausewitz, grit can win a battle but intelligence wins wars.  Without proper data, without plain and accurate facts, the highest IQ’s among us cannot apply critical thinking to problem solving, life planning or simply exercising our right to vote.  The dinosaur Media Barons know this and so do their snot-nosed Tech Tyrant offspring.  This is the starting line, the jump-point for why it is mandatory that the upper echelon of the one percent keep the public dumbed down, doe eyed and woefully misinformed.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  The truth.

Type “Jesus” into Google and the first thing that pops up is:

Jesus – Wikipedia “Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ was a First Century Jewish preacher and religious leader.”

If we fail to understand the code blue crisis into which the Information Age has devolved there will be soon be a time when Google will blackhole the name of Jesus pages behind “Jesus Jones”, a one-hit wonder band from 1991, who presciently sang about the Berlin Wall coming down:

“Right here, right now, there is no other place I want to be.  Right here, right now; watching the world wake up from history.”  

Here we are, 27 years later and across the New Media platforms we continue to pour blood, sweat and dollars into the world waking up from history.

Question: are the soy-boy, seeds of the serpent rebuilding a Berlin Wall between unaware consumers (who number in the billions) and the truth?  I would posit that two of the inarguable common denominators that each part of said billions of human beings share are: the need to know the Real Jesus and the need to recognize and organize around the truth.  So why are we allowing a few dozen technocrats, hiding out in their palatial bunkers in New Zealand to rebuild an iron curtain of disinformation?

The Network Media Mindset

Until the individual participatory response of all New Media viewers and listeners matches and supercedes the power behind the seemingly unconquerable Facebook and Google juggernaut, until we punch back, fact for fact, dollar for dollar, the endgame is as simple as it is horrific.  A wicked few will dominate and enslave us.  They are disarming us of facts in realtime and they are strategizing how to disarm us of our right to keep and bear arms and disarm us from the embrace of He in Whose blood we are redeemed and by Whose stripes we are healed.

Prior to my tenure as the Producer of The Hagmann Report, I spent sixteen years in Hollywood, surrounded by network media machinations and morality (or more precisely, absence thereof.)  I assure you that everyone residing in the upper floor offices at Sony, CNN, Warner Brothers and NBC know the power of narrative driven news.  Concurrent to the confabulation of fitting leftist, Marxist ideology into everything from local coverage of an illegal alien driving drunk down the 405, to a questionable (and properly adjudicated) shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, the schlock-doctors, the spin-serpents apply the craft of controlled conditioning to move the political consensus of network media consumers to the will of the Luciferian left.

The Media Barons and their plastic face mouthpieces do so through Hegelian Dialectic and the Overton Window pyscho-strategies.  And the finished fake news narrative serves the dual purpose of misinforming your brain in order to deceive your soul and glue the advertising together to sell you Big Pharma meds you do not need and lines of credit that you cannot afford.  While you’re out shopping, remember that the news you were watching when you decided to switch tooth paste had a cooked up story infused into the convoluted facts; the narrative.


Are You Guilty?

Okay, perhaps “guilty” is a bit strong but the voices and spirits of those whom you trust to tell you what you need to know, in order that you are able to apply cogent reasoning and distill actionable intelligence, these individuals are fighting for the viability of their platforms and in many cases, they are fighting not only for their lives; they are fighting for yours as well.

Here is the problem.  As we examine the three primary consumer generations: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials we see a massive chasm of perception regarding where they source their news and to what degree (if any) they participate in the content creator/content consumer relationship.  Note that the key word here is relationship.

Baby Boomers and many Gen Xers do not recognize any form of relationship between themselves and CNN or Fox News.  They are totally unaware that their beta wave televised/hypnotized minds are absorbing, through vertical lock (V-lock) timing and tonal harmonic technologies any and every suggestion that the unholy trinity implies upon their psyches and ultimately their politics and wallets.

The unholy trinity: Madison Avenue cooks it up.  Wall Street funds it.  Hollywood blasts it out to the world.  The message: you are not good enough.  You are not smart enough.  You have body odor.  Your shortcomings and failures are Donald Trump’s fault.  The girl of your dreams remains in your dreams because you drive a hunk of junk.  So you act accordingly.  You spend accordingly.  You vote accordingly.  It is most definitely a relationship.  And you fund the network media and the network media news narratives through a network media mindset that was seeded within you by deceptive implications of evil men and women and germinated by your ignorance amplifying their inference.

Millennials are a different story.  The three letters that their entire adult lives are centered around are not NBC, CBS, ABC or HBO.  The three letters that are the centrifugal focus of their mass media relationship are www.

When websites such as stevequayle.com or SGTReport.com first began decrying the multifaceted fake news lies of network news media organizations, terms like “crowd funding” or “crowd sourcing” did not exist outside of Menlo Park, California.

When Doug and Joe Hagmann began The Hagmann Report in 2011, no one knew what kickstarter, indie go-go or gofundme were.  In fact, no one knew what PayPal was!  PayPal, for the record, was spun-off of e-Bay in 2014.  Since the demonetization/defanging push from YouTube in 2017, Patreon has become the primary go-to so that a more direct relationship between content creators and content consumers could be easily arrived at by both parties, applying a classic “Patron of the Arts” sponsorship model.  This gives us our first optimistic glimpse of the new relationship that must flourish to status quo, if many New Media platforms are to remain on air.

The tools necessary to silence the deception that is the primary cultural chainsaw chopping through the communal flesh and the muscle that built America are relatively new but they must be implemented now!

The America that rained down her lifeblood as one hundred thousand soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy 74 years ago is bleeding out.  The once hearty, ruddy faced farmers and factory workers who personified national health, mentally, physically and spiritually are a generation that has passed from mortal existence.  The enormous departure of the Greatest Generation severed the arteries that kept the heart of our country beating.  America is now no longer seen by the world as the victors over German Naziism and Japanese Imperialism.  

In fact our irreparably divided people appear with the ghostly pallor of a people starving for spiritual nourishment and truth.

Have you seen the videos of the terrible transformations that our college bound kids undergo once they are free of the stability within their parents’ homes and left to run around the politically correct commie camps that we call college?

Truman Democrats have been replaced with Clinton disciples in the form of baggy-butt, skinny-jeaned terrorists who ironically self identify as “anti-Facist” while beating eighty year old men for not tolerating intolerance.  Blue Dog and Labor Democrats have in great majority been informed “well done My good and faithful servant” or “depart from me you worker of inequity.  I never knew you.”

America is dying.  It may be too late.  Many believe it is.  But we cannot triage the life threatening “black tarp” casualties of our culture until we have, what?  The truth.

Exoneration And Victory

The Hagmann Report has over 1600 three hour broadcasts in the can.  We are entering our seventh year as one of the frontline New Media resources, both by measurement of our audience and qualifying the caliber of our guests.  However we face the exact same conundrum that every New Media platform from Infowars down to www.momsbasementthreesubscribers.com confront.  And the confrontation is daily and often hourly.

There are only two ways that the content that Red Pilled America demands can be presented.  Two.

The first is the original model.  Up until very recently, anyone with the passion to step up, the knowledge to remain up, a credit card and a decent laptop computer could start a show.  Creating a show was as simple as engaging turnkey, preexisting platforms created for creators: go-daddy, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and on and on and on.  It was point, click; point, click and type in your sixteen digit number and hope you had something to say that would incite strangers to not only give you their finite gift of time but encourage those they love to do the same.

The first model worked until November 8, 2016. The good news: The Lord God Almighty answered the prayers of millions of American Christians and placed Donald J Trump in the White House.  The bad news: Silicon Valley, Manhattan and Hollywood figured out how we did it and their snake-daddy doesn’t “do” forgive and forget.

The New Media model that is here, and now, (and like-it-or-not), is actually cleaner, faster, easier and more intuitive than surfing around looking for links to this, that, and the other thing.  Those who demand and have come to expect Red Pilled content simply click on the mobile app or bookmarked URL for your favorite platform or platforms and absorb as much content as you prefer at any time, 24/7/365.  It is literally a one-stop-shop.  And the truth- news buffet is never closed!

Sounds pretty good.  In fact, it sounds pretty awesome.

And it costs a ton of money.  For those of you who are (like me) one of the consistently ravenous: hungry for news, famished for information, intrigue, entertainment and a laugh or two, but not exactly a computer whiz; I will map out the A-B-C of how a show like the Hagmann Report goes from page to stage.

It starts with the news, be it political, cultural or spiritual.  We apply our combined years of knowledge and often apply for opinions and analysis “in the back court” from friends of the program.  We then determine which guests are most qualified to address said topic(s).  The guest is invited, booked, receives proper courtesy reminders and logistical help and we work with upcoming guests as much or as little as necessary to frame their content for the consumer.  Show notes, talking points, articles, bios, introductions, recent publications and/or public appearances are considered and fashioned into what is generally termed “show prep.” These pages are printed and arrayed on the production desk.  Shirts are ironed, suits are pressed, off-camera water bottles are filled and stashes of throat lozenges are checked and double checked.  

Intra-platform communiques fly around between: guests, satellite uplinks, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, Global Star Radio, Facebook, Twitter, gab.ai and myriad others on a case by case basis.  The phone rings constantly with: guests, publicists, politicians, sponsors and snake oil salesmen.  When it is showtime, tens upon tens of thousands of dollars of hardware from cameras, to iMacs, Wirecast, LED stage lights, key lights, source lights, mixers, amps, pre-amps, compressors, MacBooks and iPhones light the studio in cool blue hues and Wisteria-wisp vapors of purple.

Then the money meter starts running.  And it is relentless.  Merciless.  Without political affiliation, spiritual conviction or emotion of any kind.  Between the klaxon scream for “more bandwidth!” and the ever present alarm of “more kilowatt hours!” the meter runs and runs and runs.  This is the part of production that is inescapable.

The first model means that content creators must regurgitate the red pill that they were courageous enough to consume in the first place and then dealt out to the world.  Under the hubris censorship of God-defiance and deletion of the truth, anyone who sticks around with this crowd is no longer combatting the problem.  They become the problem.  Because the only way to stay on the Zuckerberg, Schmidt, Dorsey dais of demons is to sell out and shut up.

Each of you are responsible.  Ask yourself why you took the Red Pill to begin with?  I took it for two reasons: in the terrestrial here and now, I didn’t want dads to face their hungry kids and say “Gee I’m sorry, I thought we had real money in a real bank.”  

And when we leap this mortal coil, as we all surely will, I do not want people to go to hell.  I do not wish a death-desistance, eternal, total departure from the love and power of Almighty God.

The New Media Will Survive the Network Media Mindset; as that mindset is shattered by truth bombs that are fused, packed and armed daily and dropped on the entire globe through the extravagant beauty of an invisible, expensive ally: bandwidth.

Fact, for fact.  Prayer for prayer.  And at this mission critical moment, dollar for dollar, until we punch back with flying fists belonging to billions of God’s children who refuse to lap the fake news offal of eviscerated truth, America will collapse like a fresh-kill.  She will hit her knees in defeat.  Senior citizens will be beaten in our streets while Muslim barbarians who cannot exercise self control near a fashionably dressed young lady without succumbing to the overpowering demon of violent lust, making good its contract; and rape handed down from their moon-god principality.

America will bleed out.  Much as the blood of the most precious and defenseless Americans swirls and gurgles under the streets of our decayed cities while Luciferian initiates cut backroom deals and “politicians” broker butchered baby parts, faint echoes of a once mighty, unified, national cry for truth and justice will settle into the darkened canyons of the Necropolis that America will become.  We have journeyed long and far together in the awakened community and we have now arrived at the eleventh hour, fifty-ninth minute.

Many generations fought and died for our right to the truth.  They battled at Lexington and Concord, Saratoga and Cowpens.  They fought rapier to scimitar on the Barbary Coast.  The dark blue coated sabers slashed at the butternut and gray men with scatterguns.  Our great granddaddies “went over the top” in Flanders while The Devil Dogs cleared Belau Woods, soup bowl helmets smashed unrecognizable by Maxim guns.  The 82nd and the 101st tumbled out of C-46 aircraft into murky black French skies, lit by German 88’s.  All of these warriors placed their very lives on the line for the truth of their times.  They made a pact with God that they would die rather than live a slave.  This question smolders front and center before us: Were their lifeblood sacrifices in vain?

If the New Media Community fails to participate in this fight with every spare dollar and War Bond Prayer, we are going to lose.  There will be no mushroom cloud.  At least, not at first.  There will be no bawdy rounds of “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.”  There will be simply silence.  Silence where once truth was heard.  And there will be the onerous, erroneous, phony lie-candy that you also pay for…at Walmart or Target, funding the fake network news.  Whereas the truth could have been saved by spending those dollars either on Patreon or PayPal and directly supporting the information that has supported you.

If the New Media is to continue our incredibly dangerous mission.  If the Independent Media is to protect President Trump in 2018 and reelect him in 2020.  If the Truth Media is to apply battle trauma triage to a nation on the brink of civil war across hundreds of urban battlefields, it is up to every single person who reads this article to: spread this piece, spread the word on your social media feeds, and with all due respect, it is up to each of you to determine that YOU will make the difference so that 2% of the audience is no longer pulling the weight for the remaining 98% and leaving New Media platforms unable to pay their bandwidth contract or make payroll.

If each of you do not break the Network Media Mindset, a mindset that assumes that a show will always be there because it always has been and shows should be “free” like they are on TV; I respectfully remind you that you pay Rachel Maddow’s mega-salary when you buy Bayer Aspirin or Toyota.  You 100% underwrite the fake news that Don Lemon spews when you switch from Schick to Gillette.

You pay for the elixir of Network News lies every time you step to the register in a retail environment.  You pay for their determined, disrespectful deception that they dump into your families ears and onto your living room floor.  Lies designed by the Devil himself to render your family impotent in the fight and perhaps even coerced over to the wrong side of history, both politically and spiritually.


There is hope.  There is a mission that you can embark upon right now.  If you will pay directly for what you know to be the truth, by nourishing your preferred New Media platform; your favorite platform will likely come through the censorship crucible, hardened, as iron-on-iron and battle ready.

Many shows whose audience do not send 50 cents or $1 per day for the many hours of content that they use to frame the crucial decisions in their lives, will witness their favorite analyst or show host bid farewell because the bills and the staff cannot be paid.

Those who choose a large cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee over the same two bucks that could have covered the cost of the content that they utilize to debate and push back against the reprobates and pirates who punch grandma and grandpa in Berkeley or crave sex with children, or butcher babies at “Planned Parenthood” in the name of post-coital convenience, your opinion will no longer matter because you will have allowed the voices who never wavered, never waffled, never wussed out to be silenced in accordance to Satan’s battle tracking.  And in accordance to your failure to properly valuate the truth.  What is the truth worth to you?  To your family?

But there will be those of you who read this and act.  This piece took over ten hours to write.  It consumed three hours on Friday evening and another 7 on this Sunday afternoon.  And I have not edited or polished it yet.  To those of you who slip one dollar aside everyday; stick it in the back flap of your wallet.  Ladies, roll them together in your makeup bag.  Put as many together each month as you can, send them, and we will still be here.

We will say “screw you” to YouTube and we will buy the bandwidth necessary to cut the conflation clowns and their “community guidelines” out of our service model.

We will open your envelopes in humble prayer, transfer PayPal funds, giving thanks to Christ and we will roll out the best guests we can land, bring them to you entirely in-house, no problem, no worries.  But the bandwidth, the software, the gear and the electricity is expensive.  The money must come from somewhere and we will apply brutally strict stewardship over your money so that our show keeps telling…the truth.

And our country will again be the land that each of us owns a piece of and we own it because we owe it directly to our relatives who purchased, for the highest price, the land of liberty and freedom, fed by the open exchange of truth.  

The New Media will pay whatever the cost to save America; America, our land, consecrated with battlefield blood.