The prospects for the economy and the red hot national political scene in the wake of the 2018 Midterms and the Divided Government to come, with the Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives in January.

It’s the subject of the next Peter Barry Chowka Interview with J. Garvin Walsh live on The Hagmann Report, Friday Nov 16, 2018 at 9 PM EST.

For three decades, Garvin Walsh was a Wall Street insider. He made his successful career in Manhattan working for several leading investment banks, providing research and related investment services to large institutional investment clients. After leaving The Street, he has provided financial consulting services to private clients. 

Garvin’s experience over many years and his observations about markets, world affairs, and public policy have informed his views, which he has recently shared as a contributor of articles to American Thinker. He readily offers an opinion, though as he himself describes it he is “often wrong, but rarely in doubt.”

Sure to be an informative and entertaining hour of conversation with J. Garvin Walsh and Peter Barry Chowka, Friday Nov 16, 2018 starting at 9 PM ET on The Hagmann Report. Live video stream and audio at Video and audio podcasts will follow the live broadcast.


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Peter is an author, journalist, media analyst and commentator on a wide range of issues including national politics, health care, media and popular culture. He has over four decades of experience reporting for a variety of publications and media. Since May 2017, Peter has written over 200 articles for American Thinker and his work has also appeared in several other major publications. Peter has also contributed feature articles to The Epoch Times.