Doug and Joe Hagmann have spent the last couple of days in Washington D.C. attending a FAIR event on media row. They have interviewed many prominent people, and have made contacts that in the past were impossible to get.

Doug and Joe Hagmann Interview Diamond and Silk at FAIR

The Hagmann Report is taking another big step to make sure the alternative media’s voice is heard. There are many great opportunities that have come to light this past month, and this trip to D.C. has added to that list. Huge things are to come from The Hagmann Report in the next few months before years end and beyond. We owe a big thanks to all of our supporters and extended family that helps keep The Hagmann Report alive. We couldn’t do any of this without you. Another big thanks goes out to Peter Chowka for guest hosting Tuesday’s broadcast, and to Keith Hanson for getting us a spot on media row at FAIR. If you missed the show that Peter guest hosted watch it here.

*Tonight’s show will be a re-broadcast from media row at FAIR. We will be back in full action next week ready to go.

*If you haven’t joined our mailing list yet please to do so here. This is very important so that you can be informed of the exciting changes that are to come in the near future.

As heard on The Hagmann Report
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