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SHOW NOTES: Doug Hagmann and Randy Taylor engage in a casual but information-packed discussion about the invasion of the U.S., NGO corporations, and other issues of national importance.

Episode Resources

VIDEO 1: Who are these men? via Oscar El Blue – Be sure to subscribe to his channel!

Direct Link to video: https://youtu.be/4XjqQRDjPT8

VIDEO 2: Author Victor Avila Speaks with TGP’s Jim Hoft and 100%FedUp’s Patty McMurray on Biden Border Crisis – via The Gateway Pundit – Be sure to support and subscribe to The Gateway Pundit!

Direct URL to Gateway Pundit video (58 min. R/T):  https://youtu.be/2HjyctjWGXY

Rotating “Sticky” Reference Links:

Video The Great Reset is a ‘hiding in plain sight’ agenda: Bernardi: CLICK HERE

Profile of Domestic Terrorists at the US Capitol


A leaked zoom call shows US Federal Employees openly discussing how to sabotage the trump administration with leaking and/or withholding information.


Rumble video R/T: 4:56

Scary Times! CNN Stelter And Pals Want To Deprogram You, Remove OAN And Newsmax: https://youtu.be/vC9SteLKRwI

R/T: 3:21

Web page – Insane Biden Request


Ratcliffe releases DNI election report… China interfered, CIA tried to cover it up…


WINK News video: FBI SWAT Team Used on January 6 Protestor (LINK HERE)

Protect Yourself from FBI Manipulation (From 2011)

What’s Going on at the Border (Video): CLICK HERE

Email Randy Taylor: [email protected]

Randy Taylor Twitter: https://twitter.com/RandyTaylor_USA

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