By Randy Taylor

The fall of our Republic. It sounds pretty drastic, doesn’t it? It has a Doomsday ring to it, a sound of finality and impending doom, doesn’t it?

It should, as It’s happening as you read this, as you close your eyes tonight, while you are sleeping. It seems we’ve been sleeping for some time now. Sound asleep as the wolves watched from a distant wood line, us asleep as they crept into our safe area, where we eat, sleep, and raise our children. Asleep as we surrendered the upbringing and education of our young to the very ideological carnivores and ideology that should have been uprooted, shunned, and destroyed.

Yet, we slept.

Liberalism, Leftist agendas rooted in the Democratic Party have been exposed as having the same tenets as Communism and Marxism. This society destroying manipulation of the masses is well underway in this country and many others because we let it get a foothold in our great nation sometime after the Vietnam War. Look how far we have digressed in the fight against Communism. The very political system that we fought and many thousands of our own flesh and blood who died fighting against it are now being represented on our voting ballots at every level of government.

In the US Military, we trained every day to kill Communists. Now the idiot masses can vote this evil ideology into positions of authority within our government? It reminds me of the Stealth Jihad we’ve been under since 9/11. These are only two enemies we face as imminent threats today. Both different, yet both the same. Both seek our destruction as a sovereign nation. Both want to see the “Great American Giant” fall. Both seek to exterminate our freedoms, our liberties, our way of life by overthrowing our political system with political systems that only murder, destroy, and deprive people of everything good, everything decent.

These evil people seek to destroy the very country that God gave us the courage to establish, the determination to defend and the ability and divine intervention to build into the greatest nation on earth, the envy of every single person on earth.

One Nation Under God

That’s where it all started. Under God. Not under a religion. Not under a church. This country was born in a manger of its own, overseen by the Almighty God. The founding fathers weren’t radically immoral men, who prided themselves on promoting a broken moral compass if any, killed children in the womb as a convenience, openly fondled each other in public as homosexuals or any of the downfalls of humanity as promoted by today’s liberal Left, the Democrats. The radical Left. The Left are the leaders of the pack who are trying to take this country as far away from God as possible. The Democrats pretend to pray, attempt to quote scripture to fit their immoral occasion or cause of the day, blaspheming God every step of the way. Sure, they are progressive, but it’s a matter of being progressively worse.

There was a time when there wasn’t a huge difference between the Left and the Right. The Democrat Party and the Conservative Party. Differences were foreign policy, the size of government and government programs such as welfare, and of course, the dividing line regarding abortion. Think back to the 1960s with Nixon and Kennedy. Observers thought Kennedy was more of a Conservative and that Nixon was leaning toward being Progressive, or a Democrat. We cannot make that type of comparison in today’s politics. More recently, Reagan and Carter. My, how things have changed.

We are a Christian country by birth. We accept all religions, much to our detriment, as is the case with Islam. Where we have failed miserably is we are so intent on freedom of religion that we failed to acknowledge that Islam is, in fact, a political system, hiding under the protections and privileges afforded religious faiths in this country. Islam should be treated as a threat to democracy, just as Communism, Marxism, and Nazism. These political threats should not be allowed to exist with the USA. Period.

With Liberty and Justice for All

That used to be the case. However, we have witnessed such vicious assaults on liberty and freedoms that it is hard to still believe we are considered a Constitutional Republic. To be clear, the liberties and freedoms I’m referring to aren’t the same tyrannical ideas that the Liberal Left considers to be liberties and freedoms. Killing babies in the womb because you decided you didn’t want the child is neither a liberty nor freedom. You cannot rightfully enjoy liberty or freedom while depriving another of liberty or freedom. So, save me the liberal rhetoric.

The Left claims that they can march, protest, and riot because of the 1st Amendment. That’s all well and good until a Conservative verbally objects, also practicing their 1st Amendment rights and suddenly that inalienable Right is deemed as hate speech, racism, evil nationalism, and white supremacy.  Simply because it doesn’t fit the agenda of the liberal left Democrat “GROUP THINK”.

Justice is no longer equal for all in the United States. Look at what President Trump and anyone even associated with the President has had to endure from the Left. The President was illegally spied on, his supporters and staff were illegally assaulted using a two-tiered justice system, and the assault still continues.

The Russian Bogeyman is a false flag, a red herring. Russia may well want Donald Trump as President, and truthfully, I don’t see the problem with that. It seems Communist China, the actual real threat to the United States, wants Joe Biden for President. I do have a problem with that just as I had a problem in the 1990s when Communist China contributed millions of dollars to the Bill Clinton Campaign in 1996. This isn’t speculation. This is fact. Look it up.

The Trump Administration needs to clean out the USA intelligence apparatus ranks and replace these ignorant slobs with people that actually want to defend and protect the United States and her citizens from the real threats that are upon us. Political correctness and political corruption have no place in these agencies or the Trump Administration.


We are in dangerous times. This election is far more critical than most Americans realize. The Global Cabal is using loosely affiliated groups, guided by the Democrat Party, to bring down this great nation. If you study the Russian Civil War 1917-1923, we are on the same set course. Our Republic is under attack by loosely affiliated groups, some with absolutely no common ground other than the desire to overthrow our democratic model and replace with Communist-style governance.

People claim this could never happen. However, it is currently happening. This must be stopped at all costs.

Think about what I just wrote. At all costs. Are you willing to pick up that tab?

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

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