We’re living during a temporal juncture that has a certain ethereal quality to it. It’s almost like when you take a hearing test and the increasing pitch of the sound exceeds your hearing threshold and goes into dog whistle territory. You are simultaneously cognizant that a sound is still being generated and that it is no longer audible. You know that there is something to be heard, but you don’t hear it.

This summer has seen incredible, unbelievable, and shocking events from all quarters, yet it seems as if for all this stimulus there is little to no response. By now it should be obvious to anyone paying attention that our primary institutions of government, finance, and media here in the US are terminally corrupt at best and overtly criminal at worst. For all of the startling revelations it appears that the general populace is content to let events that even a decade ago would have generated national outcry simply roll off their shoulders.

Perhaps the crescendo of change has indeed reached this ‘dog whistle point’. It registers as a distant echo and a tinnitus that we attempt to mask with the louder noise of our choosing.

Whatever is coming, there is no way through it in our own natural strength. As a disciple of Jesus Christ I am finding myself relying more and more on His supernatural protection and the guidance of the Holy Spirit on a day to day and even moment to moment basis. I often wonder how I got by without it in earlier stages of my life before realizing that it was only by His grace – instructive visuals appear below. Long story short: tomorrow isn’t promised.

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