A sure tell sign that the Democratic Party feels that they are not going to win the 2020 presidential election is their display of desperation. The ideas set forth by the liberal elite would have seemed, at one time, to be outlandish; however, such ideas are now commonplace.

It is not enough that the left side of the aisle is embracing late-term abortion, and flat out advocating for infanticide in the case of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. It is also enough that Democrats are calling for a full out ban on so-called “assault rifles” and semiautomatic firearms.

Nor is it not enough that not too long ago “socialism” was considered a dirty word, but now it is what the left is advocating as the way toward progress. Conservatives always knew this was the stance of the Democratic Party but the left was too reluctant to admit it in the past.

Not to mention the lackluster “Green New Deal” which seems to have been written in crayon — perhaps a green crayon?

All this goes to show that the Democratic Party has hardened their stances in an attempt to rival President Trump in the coming 2020 election. This strategy is doomed to fail but the Democrats just cannot seem to help themselves, and now they are pushing for an overhaul of the American electoral system — an act which is most desperate.

The Democrats Are Going Crazy and It Shows

As heard on The Hagmann Report