By S. Douglas Woodward (Doomsday Doug)


Thanks to the efforts of three co-authors and good friends, I am pleased to announce that a new book is now available on Anthony Patch, Josh Peck, and Gonzo Shimura along with myself, Doug Woodward (S. Douglas Woodward when I’m talking about my writing) have been working on this endeavor for 10 months while the research going into the study entails countless years. The title of the book is: Revising Reality: A Biblical Look into the Cosmos, Vol. 1. We are also very fortunate to be joined by Stan Deyo who wrote a foreword for the book. His foreword alone is worth the price of the book. (Retail is $21.95). It’s amazing. Click here to

buy the book or to just learn a bit more about it. Anthony Patch, who friend Kev Baker on the internet jokingly calls a CERNologist will join me to talk about the themes of the book with talk show hosts par excellence, Doug and Joe Hagmann tonight, September 14, 2016, at 7:00 PM EST. You can find the show on their website:

So the book is a study of cosmology from a biblical perspective. I’m a bit nervous about that fact. Why? Because if you say Cosmos or Cosmology to most people, especially those too young to know about Carl Sagan and his epic public television mini-series, COSMOS (1980), I receive blank stares when I tell them what the new book is about. They sheepishly ask, “What is cosmology?” And only the bravely inquisitive will go so far as to ask, “What is a cosmologist?”

So what do these strange words mean? Let’s rely upon the Oxford Dictionary to help us out here:

Cosmos, noun definition: the universe seen as a well-ordered whole: origin: Middle English: from Greek kosmos ‘order or world.’

Cosmology, noun definition: the science of the origin and development of the universe. Modern astronomy is dominated by the Big Bang theory, which brings together observational astronomy and particle physics.
origin: mid 17th cent.: from French cosmologie or modern Latin cosmologia, from Greek kosmos ‘order, world’ + -logia ‘discourse.’

Cosmetology, noun: cosmetology
definition: the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin.

The point of throwing the last word and definition in the mix might be obvious to the reader. The Millennials and Generation Z-ers will recognize what cosmetics is. They generally recall what a cosmetician does. But cosmology? Why would anyone in the whole-wide-world explain their position in life as a cosmologist? The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Three friends and I just wrote a book about Cosmology.

Gen-z person: That’s really, uh, interesting.

Me: Well, let’s see. Do you know what a Cosmologist is?

Gen-z person: Yeah, that’s an advanced esthetician. It is like getting a graduate degree from a beauty school.

Me: No, a cosmologist would be like the famous Carl Sagan.

Gen-z person: Oh yeah, the comedian. So is there such a thing as a comediologist?

Me: No, not that I know of. Carl Sagan was a guy that explained the universe, well, from a secular, atheist perspective. He introduced millions to the idea of the Big Bang Theory, Einstein, etc. Maybe you are familiar with Neil deGrasse Tyson? He is a protégé of Sagan.

Gen-z person: Oh, yeah. I remember him. He’s the guy that taught us that Pluto isn’t really a planet. It’s something smaller. He dashed my love for that ninth planet, er, mini- planet named after Micky Mouse’s dog. And isn’t he one of those “Big Bangers” too? Well, come to think of it, aren’t you a Christian? So why are writing about atheist things like that?”

Me: Oh, well, yeah. So let’s talk about something more interesting to you. Are you into Hokieman?

Gen-z person: Uh, you mean Pokémon.

Me: Do I? I guess the phrase “generation gap” isn’t familiar to you either, is it?

So, I am a bit concerned that maybe the best way to position Revising Reality isn’t as a book on the Cosmos. But I suspect there is a way to get from Pokémon and its popular exploitation of augmented reality to what most of the world considers reality itself, which is, ahem, the Cosmos.

(The article continues on my website, It’s new and exciting. Come see).

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