I write this from the comfort of my home in the United States as 2020 comes to a close. I have this ability only because of the brave actions of our forefathers who fought and died so I might enjoy this God-given freedom, among many others that are denied in other countries, and by different cultures.

The anger of many American patriots like myself is palpable. It’s a righteous and justifiable anger like a white-hot coal that is only seconds away from ignition. Once this ember ignites the fire of patriots, it will be nearly impossible to extinguish. The conflagration will consume everything and everyone in its path with astonishing speed and without mercy.

We have been driven to this point of ignition by the unchecked corruption, self-enrichment, and tyranny of those we entrusted with the power to lead our country, and an unresponsive and complicit judiciary to act as a check against this tyrannical coup d’état against America. To believe that we can elect, legislate or even litigate our way out from this is foolish optimism. The media has effectively done their job as co-conspirators in this tyrannical coup d’état, convincing many Americans that up is down, black is white, and evil is good.

The political Left, compromised Right, and complicit media have nearly completed what they set out to do, which is to destroy a Republic built on sacred moral, spiritual and Godly principles and replace it with authoritarian rule.  While doing so, they have been laughing at us for not recognizing that the entire process is rigged against us, or not having the courage to do anything about it.

They mock the crowds that appeared yesterday in Washington, DC and at state capitols across the United States, failing to comprehend our resolve to save our Republic from the tyranny they intend to impose. They do so at their peril, for the white-hot anger that exists is about to explode in an incendiary nightmare.

To assert that we still have the ability to save our Republic from the tyrannical despots who want us to obey and enslave us without question is foolish optimism.  They have all but removed the means constructed by our founders to do so— peaceably.

History, when written, will cite this moment in time as the flashpoint for America’s second Civil War and our revolt against tyranny. The confluence of events, from the illegal and unconstitutional mandates of the tyrannical Left, to the brazen theft of one of our most precious and sacred rights as American, our right to cast our vote without interference in our election process, will ignite patriotic Americans.

History will show that the tyrants of the Left, compromised Right and complicit corporate media did not expect that Donald Trump, an outsider, would become the forty-fifth President of the United States. They spent four years unsuccessfully attempting to overthrow him and subvert him. Now, they overplayed their hand by engaging in the most egregious crimes against our nation— attempting to steal the vote and overturn the will of the American people through blatant and undeniable fraud that the media asserts doesn’t exist. They continue to laugh at us and believe us to be fools. We are not fools, nor will we be fooled. We are fully awake and full of righteous anger.

While the foot soldiers of the tyrannical Left are permitted to terrorize entire cities without punishment or pushback, their handlers are busy working to revoke our Second Amendment rights. When punishment is forsaken and the ability of Americans to defend themselves is threatened, the pushback will be unlike anything witnessed in modern times. The response, when engaged, will be Medieval.

Our forefathers warned that if we were not careful about managing our great Republic that it could be lost. They also instructed us what to do at this time in history. If we don’t act now, prayerfully and righteously, we will not be given another chance. We cannot leave this to our children or future generations. It’s up to us.


As heard on The Hagmann Report