To most people, including the majority of Christians, discourse about giants, “plumed serpents,” pre-flood technology, and accounts of fallen angels appear to have little relevance to today’s headlines and apocalyptic times ahead.

As news headlines about certain economic collapse, potential nuclear war in the Middle East leading to a wider war between the West and the East, and growing domestic unrest age off news sites faster than they can be understood or even read, many people consider discussion about such topics to be little more than a diversionary fantasy lacking relevance to today’s headlines.

Those beholden to that mindset are not only misguided, but dangerously so. Those determined to send such information to the waste bin of historical chaff will be unprepared for the perilous events set to befall us.

While many Christian churches seem to be struggling with new social norms thrust upon them by the Godless, lawless and immoral, congregants can often be heard uttering phrases such as “just as in the days of Noah” and making references to Sodom and Gomorrah without making the direct connection between current events and biblical history. The reason for this intellectual disconnect is simple: the truth about the past has been deliberately hidden from us.

That which has been hidden from us by the keepers of knowledge provides authentication of biblical events and the Divine nature of the Holy bible itself. One thing most feared by the power elite led by the anti-Christ is the revelation of knowledge by God and through the Holy Bible, for it is against the powers and principalities of darkness that we fight.

Revelation of what exists ahead can be found divinely and exquisitely weaved within the Holy Bible. It is through certain archeological discoveries that will never be shown in the halls of the Smithsonian or acknowledged by the gatekeepers of antiquity that God’s people will gain Divine knowledge about current and coming events. Additionally, such discoveries prove the historical accuracy of the Holy Bible and eradicate falsehoods taught from elementary school through college.

It is this knowledge that will level the field of mortal battle and prepare God’s people for the spiritual elements of the battle ahead. It is this knowledge that has been so long hidden that is finally being revealed, which threatens the anti-Christ and his army. It is this knowledge that has been lacking from church teachings and locked away from Christians as disclosure and exposure threatens the Luciferian involvement and advancement in current events.

Christians must pay close attention to that which is being revealed to physically survive and prevail in the field of battle. While we already know the outcome of the war, it is incumbent upon us as Christians to prepare in the natural and to understand that which is coming against us.

It is with this understanding that we can be prepared and help others to prepare. It is with the disclosure of newly found evidence of giants, fallen angels and their offspring that will enable us to identify, understand and fight their agenda. It is with such information that we can identify the watcher technology and its role in the times ahead. Doing so will provide us the necessary advantage over those employing the technology that will deceive the masses.

On the front lines of this battle have been Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino. Through their on-site research and investigation of sites in South America and other locations across the globe, discoveries have been made that substantiate biblical accounts that many consider mere legend. You will not find these discoveries displayed within the halls of the Smithsonian, as such displays would provide knowledge and enlightenment ordained by God.

More importantly, these discoveries are providing a Divine roadmap through the Book of Revelation to the events of today. It is with this contextual understanding that we will be most prepared as events quicken, chaos ensues, and deception reigns.

Please join Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino tonight from 7:00-10:00 PM ET as new and critically important information is disclosed that will add clarity and context to current events in this most vital broadcast.




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