The day of reckoning is finally here after two years of psychological warfare aimed at President Donald Trump and at us – the Deplorables – by the mainstream media, the Deep State, the Democrats, and the rest of the Establishment. If the Democrats succeed in wrenching one or both houses of Congress from Republican control, it will put the Trump Administration totally on the defensive for the next two years. The president’s unfinished agenda will likely be stopped in its tracks. The situation will finally be a perfect matchup uniting the MSM, the Deep State, the other nefarious players, and one or maybe both houses of the Congress – key branches of the government that will be under tight Democrat control with unchecked investigative and subpoena powers.

The last day of campaigning yesterday with President Trump tirelessly crisscrossing the country for a final series of high-energy rallies reminded me of the day before the 2016 elections.

That day, too, was marked by both hope and existential angst when one imagined that the widely predicted outcome of Hillary Clinton’s election might come to pass.

Last Sunday’s New York Times headline was emblematic: “A Nation in Turmoil Prepares to Deliver a Verdict on Trump.”  The fact is that the nation is in turmoil largely because of the MSM. Many of the issues that have emerged and been flogged to death are nothing more than emotional triggers. Their purpose is to obscure larger more important concerns – like the existential threats posed by Jihad, Red China, and massive illegal immigration, the loss of our constitutionally protected rights including to free speech, and so many more.

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