My book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, is now fully validated with the publication of another book review by the elitist TIME MagazineTechnocracy in America: Rise of the Info-State by Parag Khanna. He proposes the same ultra-radical ideology seen with original Technocracy from the 1930s:

  1. Abolish the electoral college
  2. Create a streamlined and expert Cabinet
  3. Replace the Senate with an Assembly of Governors
  4. Let the Supreme Court modify the Constitution
  5. Restore a strong federal service that knows how to run a country

Are you kidding me?

That TIME Magazine would run this book review, written by the book’s author no less, is huge. It means the editorial board is in agreement with it and further, the global elite in general. Why? Because TIME has been an organ of the global elite for well over 40 years!

This is reminiscent of the book by Henry A. Porter in 1932, Roosevelt and Technocracy, where the author called for President-elect Roosevelt to declare himself dictator in order to summarily implement Technocracy. He likewise called for the abolition of Congress.

I will soon write another article to further explain what is happening here, but in the meantime I cannot more strongly recommend that you purchase and read Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation!

As heard on The Hagmann Report