No court, legislative body or majority of the people possesses the moral, legal or Constitutional authority to re-define what God Almighty Himself has already explicitly defined, ordained and instituted. Words have meaning and can’t be arbitrarily re-defined. Marriage is (and has always been) the union of one man and one woman. Period! Any attempt by the Supreme Court to re-define marriage would be legally null and void (not the “law of the land”) and MUST be rejected and ignored as the legal nullity it would be by every individual sovereign state in the Union.

Lincoln on the immoral and Unconstitutional Dred Scott opinion in His First Inaugural Address, 1861: “I do not forget the position assumed by some that constitutional questions are to be decided by the Supreme Court, nor do I deny that such decisions must be binding in any case upon the parties to a suit as to the object of that suit, while they are also entitled to very high respect and consideration in all parallel cases by other departments of the government. And while it is obviously possible that such decision may be erroneous in any given case, still the evil effect following it, being limited to that particular case, with the chance that it may be overruled and never become a precedent for other cases, can better be borne than could the evils of a different practice. At the same time, the candid citizen must confess that if the policy of the government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made in ordinary litigation between parties in personal actions, the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having to that extent practically resigned their government into the hands of that eminent tribunal.”