Filling in as the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday, Mark Steyn wasted little at the top of the program to slam the liberal media for their “hysteria” surrounding President Trump’s trip to Iraq to spend Christmastime with the troops. Dubbing it “yet another liberal media meltdown”, Steyn pointed out how they took “the opportunity to turn a presidential visit to American troops into an attack on Trump.”

He also noted how CNN was not content with just attack the President, “they decided to attack the troops as well” for daring to bring their “Make America Great Again” hats to get autographed. “Of course, nobody cared back when presidential candidate Barack Obama signed memorabilia for the troops back in 2008. He had a ‘D’ after his name though instead of an ‘R’,” Steyn recalled.

As short time later, Steyn teamed up with The Hill media reporter Joe Concha and together they tag teamed the liberal media’s nonsense on the issue.

Well, the optics around that, Mark, are horrific,” Concha declared. “Because what you are doing here is it’s okay to go after the President in terms of policy or the things that he says. Once you start attacking the people that voted for him or military people that are obviously serving overseas during Christmas, no less, then you have got a problem.

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