Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of being invited to present my views on cryptocurrency on Coach Dave Live with Coach Dave Daubenmire! Thanks to the team there and the huddle for their great questions and enthusiasm. Regardless of your view or approach, being educated on cryptocurrencies is mandatory for 2018. My advice and answers should not be taken blindly without corroborating research done on your own, and I must add from a disclaimer perspective that I am not a certified investment advisor, so none of my commentary should be construed as investment advice. I do, however, speak about what I would do if starting from scratch today. I also discuss the importance of holding your own private keys in cold storage. The space is tricky, but the informational resources are all available. There is no time like the present. Always pray about major decisions, including financial ones. God bless!

Day 1 – Basic Definitions and Getting Started

Day 2 – Q&A

As heard on The Hagmann Report