This will be one of the most critically important episodes of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report that we’ve done to date. Mark Flynn  will walk us through a Labyrinth – a secret held by the “illuminated ones” throughout the ages – and finally exposes the nuts and bolts of the who, what,  where, why, and even WHEN  the “god” of the power elite could have fashioned his arrival on the world stage.

In Mr. Flynn’s book, Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth, page after page reveals a wealth of investigative findings that connect important dots of the secret that has been hidden in plain sight.

Never before will you look at things around you the same again. I certainly will not.

As an investigator, I read through Mark A. Flynn’s book twice. The first time, I was taken aback by the “explanations” of certain signs around us. They’re all there, just needing a critical and understanding eye to be decoded. I then read Tom Horn’s book, Zenith 2016, once more. The reason? The dots between these two books connect. Lastly, I re-read Mr. Flynn’s work, taking copious notes of the most important parts of his findings. After sleeping for a few hours, I awakened to a new world of understanding.

“It’s all there”, I thought. The key to unlocking the secrets hidden in plain sight – the secret and “forbidden” knowledge of the globalist elite. Suddenly, I felt like reaching for crime scene tape, if I could somehow encircle the world with it. For what we are seeing transpire before us is one big crime scene.

I am not writing this to professionally endorse Mark A. Flynn’s book, Tom Horn’s book (but I certainly would), or any other book… I am writing this as an investigator who finally “gets it..” We’ve been “played,” and continue to be played for suckers.

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