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Hour 1: Galileyo: The Solution to Communication Censorship and Takedown. Steve Quayle, Chris Hoar and Doug Hagmann offer a solution to win the battle against the censorship of our communications and the expected takedown of traditional communication platforms. A “MUST” listen! We’re also looking for 100 people to test the system. The Galileyo Project

Hour 2: Stan (and Holly) Deyo – Is the U.S. in biblical prophecy?

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      AZ Audit

CLIP 1: America’s Audit Update 7-15-2021 YouTube R/T: 6:59

CLIP 2Finchem: We’ve Got Enough To Show Criminal Obstruction Rumble – R/T: 5:57

CLIP 3: Tucker Carlson: Fulton County and Election – What We Know So Far YouTube R/T: 6:59



Bannon: Rachel Maddow is Worried About What AZ Election Audit Will Find

Georgia is Going to Be Next’: Over 600,000 Illegal Ballots in Race Decided by 11,000

Arizona Audit – webpage

Dem Criminals

Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones allegedly threatens to call governor on police during arrest. – Pants around ankles – I hate that when that happens

What They Didn’t Tell You – Twitter


New Mexico officer gunned down in “ambush”, attorney blames feds

Covid BS

The Gestapo came again attacking the Church!

Cringeworthy Fauci cultist… 50 Second Twitter video

The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea

CLIP A: Jen Psaki says White House is flagging misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines on Facebook YouTube R/T: :48 sec

CLIP B: Athens – Twitter embedded video


Julia Brown Explains Communist Riots & Deception


Math is racist! – PDF Link

Patriots.win Link

George Floyd autopsy REPORT LINK

100 top business leaders met to discuss halting donations to politicians who back ‘restrictive’ voting laws, including in Georgia

Corporations, Specifically Multinationals, Hate Capitalism – Understand That Point and Things Make Sense

Top Three Common Myths About Capitalism


WINK News video: FBI SWAT Team Used on January 6 Protestor (LINK HERE)

Protect Yourself from FBI Manipulation (From 2011)

What’s Going on at the Border (Video): CLICK HERE

Video The Great Reset is a ‘hiding in plain sight’ agenda: Bernardi: CLICK HERE

Profile of Domestic Terrorists at the US Capitol


A leaked zoom call shows US Federal Employees openly discussing how to sabotage the trump administration with leaking and/or withholding information.


Rumble video R/T: 4:56

Scary Times! CNN Stelter And Pals Want To Deprogram You, Remove OAN And Newsmax: https://youtu.be/vC9SteLKRwI

R/T: 3:21

Web page – Insane Biden Request


Ratcliffe releases DNI election report… China interfered, CIA tried to cover it up…


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